Full Circle Yoga: Not Your Typical Yoga Studio

What inspired the start of your business? 

We are the oldest yoga studio in Yorba Linda having started in 2010 when there were no healing arts centers in our area. As health and wellness specialists, we wanted to provide our hometown of Yorba Linda with a thriving healing arts center to enhance health and wellbeing through yoga, meditation, energywork, plant-based nutritional coaching, and certificate programs for professional and lay practitioners. 

What services do you provide?

We teach a path to peace and health through the practice of yoga in private and small group lessons and healing sessions. We are not a fitness facility, although yoga therapy helps many people recover from injury and illness with comfort and stability. We welcome beginners, including those who have conditions that would make attending a large group yoga class unsafe, or prefer the one-to-one attention of a highly experienced teacher.

What sets you apart from others in the health and wellness industry? 

We teach custom and adaptable yoga and meditation sessions for the specific goals and needs of the individual in a safe and supportive environment. We see people of all ages and stages of life, as lifestyle medicine for natural healing, personal growth, or for beginners wanting to learn yoga for the first time. During these times of social distancing, clients can feel secure scheduling live private sessions using a secure Zoom platform, and we will resume in-studio sessions as soon as the public health mandate is lifted. We also provide transformational energywork sessions for relief of physical, emotional, and mental discomfort, often in just one visit. 

What can I expect from a visit to Full Circle Yoga? 

When arriving for your first private yoga or meditation session, we ask for a brief health history and complete an assessment of your needs. When you enter the practice room you will turn off your phone and remove your shoes. Although you may bring your own mat, we provide everything you need to practice comfortably and safely. For group classes, the teacher will welcome you and inquire whether you have prior experience and any injuries or conditions that would affect your movement during class. For energywork sessions, clients remain clothed while laying down with soft music in the background. During the treatment I offer guidance in relaxation techniques and mental clearing as the healing energy is delivered. Energywork is deeply relaxing and remarkably effective for relief of pain, overcoming loss and grief, removing doubt, and assisting positive transition in major life events.

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