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Fun & practical back to school gifts for teachers and the classroom

Teachers have been planning and preparing for the new school year with lots of excitement and look forward to welcoming their new students. Surprise your child’s teacher with a welcome back to school gift that is practical and fun. 

Janod Body Magnet

 Explore the human body! Children can piece together the different parts of the human body while learning their names and functions. Includes 76 magnets and magnetic stand. Ages 7+.

Janod Gear Duck Pond

Encourage your child's dexterity and memory with this pretty duck pond. 6 gears to assemble and set in motion, and 3 pretty ducks that will sound their bell. Ages 18 months – 3 years.

Tender Leaf Bear Colors Clock

The 12 piece bear clock is designed to help kids and toddlers learn for fun, recognize shape, distinguish and match colors, recall numbers and learn to tell time. Can be hung. Ages 3+.

Janod Magnetic USA Map

A 48 piece puzzle with magnetic board featuring all of the states with capitols and landmarks. Can be hung. Ages 7 – 12.

Small Foot Abacus Educational Toy

 Math is fun with this abacus, and its colorful wooden beads serve as a visual math aide for children’s first encounters with arithmetic. Ideal for preschool and primary school aged children.

Tulsa Toy Depot Gift Card

When in doubt but you would like to give you child’s teacher something they can use in the classroom, a gift card could be the perfect answer.