Fun for Father's Day

Here are some ideas for the upcoming holiday!

Whether you are a father, have a father or just want to honor the special father-figure in your life, June 20th will be here before you know it! Presents are great, but when it comes down to it, we really cherish time spent together. Some dads like to be pampered, and some just want company doing the things they love. Here are a few ideas for some ways to spend time with your kids or the man that taught you everything you know. 

1) Ride bikes 
There are many wonderful bike trails in Dallas. Head to White Rock Lake for a long ride with a wonderful view or trek more north for the paths at Arbor Hills. 

2) Make barbecue 
We ARE in Texas after all. What is a great celebration without good food? Make sure everyone knows the family's secret ingredients for Dad's Famous Ribs! 

3) Hit up Top Golf 
You guys might not be a Phil Mickelson (or Dallas' own Jordan Spieth) but Top Golf makes swinging the club fun for everyone! Winner buys the drinks. 

4) Watch Dad's favorite movie
Collect your favorite snacks and get cozy. The pick might be a classic Western, the latest action flick or a Star Wars or Marvel movie - but there is nothing like bonding over a good film. 

5) Build something or work in the garden
There's probably a project somewhere around the house that needs to be done, and two (or three, or four!) heads are better than one. Help out dad or grandpa with whatever they feel like tinkering with. 

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