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Creative Ways to Enhance your Living Space

In the past year, most of us have found ourselves spending more time at home than ever before, leading us to experience and reflect on our home’s functionality on a much deeper level. While some have decided on a complete overhaul, knocking down walls to expand or putting on additions; others are finding that they just need to optimize existing spaces within their home to become more organized, flexible, and sometimes multifunctional.

In either case, realizing that every home is just as unique as the family that lives there is important. HBS Home prides themselves on discovering obstacles and addressing the needs of their clients to enhance the livability and comfort of their space. Their goal is finding custom solutions to create a more organized and peaceful environment at home. We asked HBS Home to share a few examples of clever and attractive ways that custom cabinetry can be used to achieve these goals.



This under-utilized space outside of the guest room quarters was converted into a small kitchenette. This frees up the main kitchen from some of the smaller daily routines such as brewing a morning cup of coffee.

Floating Shelves:

Floating shelves are a convenient and stylish way to display and store a variety of must-haves whether it be for everyday kitchen items or an addition to that desk/office space. Items are in full view and can be acquired effortlessly. 

Beverage Center:

This alcove was utilized as a functional beverage and coffee station. Located just off the kitchen, it provides a convenient and attractive space for accessing beverages. When not in use, pocket doors have been added to disguise the interior storage area to give it a clean, crisp outer appearance.

Desk Area:

With more people working from home and more children participating in school remotely, desk areas like this have become practically a necessity. It is important to assess how much storage you require for books and filing vs how much open counter area is required for your computer and paperwork.

Linen Tower:

When a bathroom is built without a closet, this added linen tower gives the Homeowner some much needed additional storage for towels and other oversized items that do not typically fit into the bathroom vanities.

Window Bench Seat:

When dealing with a small space, getting creative and utilizing every nook and cranny can be extremely beneficial. In this small kitchen, the voided space underneath the window provides a place to sit while also expanding the kitchen’s storage space beautifully.

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