Furniture Investing Goes Glam

Glendale resident, Christy Webb owner of Glendale Glam, turns estate sale finds into statement pieces.

Have you noticed the quality of furniture isn't what it used to be? Instead of fast furniture, which arrives in a box and ends up in a landfill, why not invest in stunning pieces that can be passed down for generations?

Glendale Glam custom furniture refinisher Christy Webb finds hidden treasures and breathes new life into them with high gloss lacquer and dazzling hardware. Her creations have become some of the most loved pieces in homes throughout St. Louis. She has also quickly become the secret weapon of many area interior designers and decorators who are on the hunt for one-of-a-kind pieces for their clients.

Passion into Profit

Christy pivoted from a grueling job in the pharmaceutical industry to do what she loved - scouring flea markets, estate sales, and thrift shops for pieces with potential. Once home, she would rev up the sander, repair and paint each piece to reimagine it for a new generation.

Friends were buying her custom designs and commissioning updates of their inherited furniture. Word of mouth spread, and soon, Christy's family was converting their 3-car garage into a workshop.

Her favorite part? It's watching installations and seeing the homeowner's reaction to the big reveal.

If you have a beloved piece in the basement or something catches your eye at an estate sale, why not turn it into a work of art that you won't find in any furniture store?

Follow Christy on socials @gledaleglam. 

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