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Fuse Living

Whole Person Design for Sustainable Luxury Living

Shannon Harris knew there was a better way to build homes.

“Sustainability is important to me. I was into healthy homes and air quality of homes,” she says. “My initial concept was to flip homes and turn them into green homes.”

She and her husband founded Fuse Living as a sustainability-focused company in 2012.

“All of our homes are LEED-certified, ensure the best air quality, and are sustainable.”

Sustainable Living

Fuse Living is also a Certified Green Interior Design Firm through the Sustainable Furnishings Council.

The Fuse Living team has had extensive SFC training learning about furniture materials, toxic materials, and what’s inside. They examine the manufacturing process, sourcing materials, and the full lifecycle.

All materials they use must be FSC certified wood, recycled materials, or rapidly renewable resources. Vendors must ensure low or zero VOC paints, finishes, and dyes. There can be no flame-retardant chemicals or formaldehyde. Materials must be certified organic. Harris says they encourage alternative fibers, such as linen, hemp, abaca, and wool, and vendors must guarantee that workers earn a living wage.

“At Fuse Living, we recognize that our natural world is paramount to our wellbeing,” explains Harris. “We consider two symbiotic elements: the whole person and the environment. This understanding gives us a more optimal sense of being within our spaces.”

Whole Person Green Living

That whole person concept at Fuse Living means they consider many aspects when creating a design: improving air quality, finding ways to control noise, introducing natural elements, and promoting beauty.

“We incorporate restorative elements,” Harris explains. “This includes color theory, soft edges, and considering circadian rhythms when choosing how to light the home.” 

Discovering those individual needs is a fine-tuned process. The Fuse Living team walks customers through an initial discovery period to help clients find their interests. A consultation involves multiple designers, where clients answer questions about a typical day, leisure time, and the importance of eco-friendly approaches. Only then does Fuse Living begin the design process.

“People are investing in their homes,” she explains. “I see people looking more at quality. They are considering design from a sustainable mindset. Doing things one time from a quality point of view is near and dear to me.”

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