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Futura Kitchen Cabinets

The Gallatin Valley continuously grows with new buildings emerging and older structures getting a new lease on life through facelifts or being restored to their historical splendor. Bozeman cabinet maker Trevor Beitman and his team of dedicated crafters at Futura Kitchen Cabinetry have been part of this process of growth and renewal for over 20 years.

 Futura Kitchen Cabinetry was incorporated in 1997 by Bob Beitman; with the help of his son Trevor, they’ve spent over twenty years growing Futura into one of the largest cabinetry suppliers in Gallatin Valley. Their current team includes three designers: Trevor, Jackie, and Scott. 

 Trevor began his career in the family business in 2003, acquiring the company in 2017. Futura started as a customer-centric business that worked with builders on new construction of median-priced homes. They developed a loyal customer base and grew from their initial offering of cabinetry and laminate countertops to solid surface countertops, stone countertops, closet packages, and developed from box cabinets to custom cabinetry. 

 The size and scope of their work has also expanded over the years. They’ve grown to include light commercial work, remodels, and multifamily projects. Whether it’s entry-level residential, commercial, high-end residential, apartment homes, or small remodel work, Futura has something special to offer for each.

 What hasn’t changed over the last few decades is their dedication and pride of working with local customers no matter the size of the project. The friendships they make through the process and the fun their customers have during the design give them continued satisfaction and drive them to be the best at what they do every day. 

 Futura enjoys supporting our community through a variety of ways. They offer nonprofits affordable services, either heavily reduced or free. They also provide financial support to local nonprofits and to local sports teams. Trevor and his team take their responsibility to give back to the Bozeman community seriously not only through the beauty they create but in the ways they give back as they grow. 

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