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Gear for Angels

Lakeya Collins shares the inspiration behind her exclusive line of scrubs

When Lakeya Collins, owner of Robert’s Angels Scrubs and Beyond, moved to Augusta at 25, it was a leap of faith. “I had no family here and had never even visited Georgia,” says Lakeya. As a single mom with two young children, she began to follow her dream of becoming a nurse.

As Lakeya was finishing her coursework to become a registered nurse, her life took a devastating turn. “I had one test left to finish. On April 21, 2016, I got up, took the online test, and passed it,” says Lakeya. “That afternoon, my 16-year-old son, Robert, drowned.”

During the grieving process, Lakeya drew strength from her relationship with God and through fellowship. In 2018, Lakeya graduated as an RN the same month Robert was supposed to graduate from high school. She began seeking the Lord’s direction in how she could honor Robert and his legacy.

“I recalled how Robert would always iron my scrubs as I was preparing for work,” says Lakeya. “Nurses are thought of as angels, and Robert was definitely my angel.” Those concepts merged to become Robert’s Angels Scrubs.

“I also realized I want scrubs to be meaningful and have purpose,” explains Lakeya. “I want them to feel good, and I want everybody who wears these scrubs to know that they are greater than what they're going through.”

Intentionally incorporated into the scrubs' designs are symbols Lakeya hopes will inspire those wearing the brand. “I promised that I would put a piece of gold on my scrubs to represent the kingdom of God, glorifying God, and overcoming obstacles,” says Lakeya.

“Sometimes in life, we’ll get on the wrong track,” she continues. “When I’d get off the right track in life, Robert would always say, ‘Mom, we’ve got to get back on track.’ So the zipper signifies that we’re staying on the right track.”

High-quality materials and comfort are top priorities. “Comfort is extremely important for nurses,” says Lakeya. “We’re in our scrubs for 90% of the week, and I wanted to ensure that these scrubs not only look good, but they feel good.”

Lakeya’s personal experience of having to go straight from work to a child’s game or an appointment prompted her to keep the designs business casual, which easily adapts from work to play with simple accessory changes. With six pockets on the pants and four pockets on the shirts, these scrubs also provide plenty of places for nurses to tuck away all the necessities.

“Appearance and a caring attitude are key in the nursing field,” says Nicole Brown. “When I wear the Robert’s Angels scrub sets, I get so many compliments. The scrubs are stylish, cute, and form-fitting, unlike the boxy scrub sets.”

Fun and colorful accessories such as lunch bags, blood pressure cuffs, personal protective gear, compression socks, and small bags for carrying supplies round out the product line.

With so many thoughtful items to support healthcare workers everywhere, Robert’s legacy touches countless individuals each day.

Explore the constantly expanding inventory of Robert’s Angels Scrubs and Beyond at, on Facebook, or by calling (706) 504-8017.