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Technologically Advanced Gadgets for Homes

Article by Lauren Kelly

Photography by Provided by BRAVAS Nashville Home Automation Company

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

Technological innovations have permeated our homes, transforming daily tasks into efficient experiences. From smart appliances that anticipate our needs to artificial intelligence and voice recognition, the home of today is a hub of cutting-edge advancements.  Convenience and sustainability define a future where our dwellings are not just spaces but responsive companions enhancing our quality of life.

Let’s take a look at the top four technologically advanced gadgets for the home in 2024 with the help of BRAVAS Nashville Home Automation Company general manager and resident expert, Ed Simonton.

1. Automated lighting. Intuitive lighting controls make it easy to control the intensity of lighting in each and every room of your home. 

2. Smart shades. New technology in window treatments has made it easier than ever to incorporate natural lighting into your home. The automatic scheduled movement of the shades will set up the perfect ambiance in each room. Plus, the almost silent rollers and built-in custom control systems make it an easy addition to manage.

3. High-speed internet. Secure, fast, and reliable networks are necessary to power the technology in our homes. 

4. Camera systems. It is important to keep our homes as a safe place for ourselves and our families. One way to ensure security is with security camera systems that can be customized to your own property. With a network of camera systems and sensors with instant responses to security threats, your home and family are safe and secure.

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