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Newtown Area Guys Gather Their Thoughts About Life And Goals

Jay Spaziano, Broker/Founder, Jay Spaziano Real Estate

Who are your role models?
The balance of raising a family and having a successful career is extremely challenging. All of the working mothers in my life including my wife, Lisa, my daughter, Gina, and the women in my office are role models to me because they exemplify the ability to handle it all. I think professional mothers have an exceptionally difficult time in our society and feel like they have to choose between their careers and home life. These women have an incredible burden and do an amazing job of multi-tasking and making sure that everything is done well.

Something everyone gets confused or wrong about you?
I think people assume I'm an extrovert but I prefer to observe and listen. I spend my entire day speaking with people and when I'm home at night, I enjoy quiet and solitude with my wife and German Shepherd.

What makes you smile even when you’ve had a bad day?
Despite what's going on around me, my 5-year-old granddaughter always puts a smile on my face. She is so funny and just seeing the world through her eyes is a wonderful blessing.

Personal goals you wish to accomplish before this year’s end?
Real estate is my passion, and every year I hope to serve more clients than the year prior. I would also say my goal for this year is to be more cognizant of the present and thankful for every day that myself and my loved ones have our health

Dennis Foy, Chef of d'floret Restaurant

Who are your role models?
The first was my father, who at a very young age, challenged me to come to a decision. We were a family of seven; every night after dinner we would team up, to dance or play one of two games. My parents loved to jitterbug, so they taught us how to dance, understand rhythm, and in essence how to have fun. They also taught us the card game pinochle, a team game, which required teamwork to win, and chess, which demanded one’s full attention -- both developed our senses and ability to plan and strategize; those informal lessons served me well over the years.

In my early teens, there's the distinct memory of the 1968 Olympics:  Juan Carlos and Tommy Lee Jones, on the podium in their socks, while raising their fist in protest. That action strongly influenced my understanding in holding a position of personal integrity, regardless of cost to oneself.

Lastly, Master Sgt. Joseph Laria, my then boss while serving with the 12th Special Forces Group, who instilled the concept of excellence in all pursuits. His philosophy was very simple: “There's no reason to undertake any task unless it’s to the best of your ability. Not to do so is a waste of time, and ultimately your life.”

Something everyone gets confused or wrong about you?
That my sarcasm and rigor in the kitchen is not based in love.

What makes you smile even when you’ve had a bad day?
Estella (his wife, Estella Quinones), and knowing I am only as good as my last plate. 

Personal goals you wish to accomplish before this year's end?
We purchased our building in January 2022. The goal is to complete design build of our Luxe three-room boutique hotel, and establishing the new dining room for LTL, or “Ladies that Lunch.”  

David Oxley, Vice President - Wealth Advisor, Bernstein Private Wealth Management

Who are your role models?                                                                         
My parents! Without a doubt. They have given me SOOO much in my life and are the best version of courage, passion, faithfulness, forgiveness, loyalty and commitment. Which lends itself to my ability to give back to my community in anyway I can. Also, to stand up for what's right and never back down from adversity. They encourage me to strive for better, to be curious about all people, and never assume anything about anyone before you spend time with them. Some guidance Mom and Dad gave me is the best thing I could do for my life is cultivate meaningful relationships that will last for a lifetime. This fuels my desire to be devoted to my family, work, clients, church and community.

Something everyone gets confused or wrong about you?
That my kindness may be considered a weakness; but ultimately, I find in this world, being kind is the way to accomplish long-lasting results.

What makes you smile even when you’ve had a bad day?      
When I arrive home and my kids are outside playing, they run over to my car to say hi, with these big smiles on their faces. Or they're waiting for me at the door to ask if I have any bubblegum for them.

Personal goals you wish to accomplish before this year’s end?
I set out this year to be a better husband, father, son and sibling, and to build on my relationship with God. And to be the best representation of myself for Thompson Memorial Presbyterian Church, the Oxley Family, Bernstein, and my community. If I accomplish all these, everything else in life will flourish: my health, my business and my peace of mind.

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