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Geri G. Beauty

Your Holistic Approach to Beauty and Health

Meet Geri Giagnorio, a skincare health expert, product developer, and founder of GERI G.® Beauty.

After studying as an esthetician in Chicago and building a loyal clientele, Geri decided to take her knowledge and expertise to Beverly Hills working with Hollywood’s elite celebrities. Lucky for us, Geri has brought her tranquil, holistic approach to beauty and health right here to Franklin.

Says Geri, “I was looking at all my options in relocating my company to the southeast, and Franklin offered me everything I was looking for. It really came down to the people; they are so warm and welcoming. It’s like Mayberry - you say hello to everyone!”

During her time in Los Angeles, Geri developed her integrated TRANSCEUTICAL® Living approach that centers on changing oneself through healing and living a simpler life. This set the stage for all GERI G. products to be more multi-purposeful and nutritional for the skin from the inside out.

Products are formulated, designed, and packaged for the health of people and the planet. "We only make what we know is needed essentially for the skin and body. We only use essential packaging with minimal waste to ensure the health of our planet," says Geri.

She’s also excited to share that her skin boutique will soon offer innovative treatments straight from Milan, Italy. Geri is one of only 100 professionals to offer the treatment that works simultaneously on the body and face. Notes Geri, “This machine promotes permanent fat reduction, reduces cellulite, tones, and tightens the skin from head to toe, and increases lymphatic flow that helps with circulation. It ultimately helps to reverse and prevent most physical signs of aging including the slowing down of collagen production and sagging skin. Clients can do just body, just face, or both."

Geri also uses skin imaging to help clients see and understand the current state of their skin which helps them be more informed as to what treatment protocol is best suited for their particular skin issues and desired results.

With Geri’s host of advanced international treatments like LED light treatments, Intraceuticals Oxygen, Cytokine Facials, and Advanced Therapy, you really are experiencing celebrity treatments right here in Franklin. You can check out Geri’s complete line of skincare, cosmetics, and wellness products at and visit to schedule your holistic wellness appointment. Your body, mind, and soul will thank you.