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How to Take Steps to Creating a Healthier You in 2023.

Article by Sean Lee

Photography by Stephen Neilson

Originally published in SW Lake Lifestyle

Healthy living doesn’t begin with a decision to start working out or eating healthier. It starts with paying attention to your mind. Your thoughts and what you tell yourself precede action (or inaction). Learning how to adopt a mindset of self-care will lay the foundation for sustainable changes and a healthier you.

Here’s how to get started.

Accept Where You Are

The paradox of becoming healthier is that you first must accept where you are now. While in the short term, trying the latest exercise or diet fad may motivate temporary lifestyle changes, we know that eventually many revert to old habits. Progress happens when excitement for a healthy life coincides with love and acceptance of who we are. Appreciate your body and admire the life that you are living, and make future changes based on self-enhancement, not self-punishment.

Create a Plan You Enjoy

It’s essential to create a plan you enjoy and will stick to. Follow my four steps on crafting a plan, based around activities you enjoy, foods you like, and a schedule that works for you:

Commit to Action

Motivation is not something that’s going to crash down from the sky like a lightning bolt and magically kickstart your plan. Motivation only comes from one thing. Action! It could be one workout. One pushup. One healthy meal. A small step in the right direction. Taking that first step is never easy. It requires courage. A leap of faith. Prove to yourself you’re capable by taking action in 2023. Motivation will follow.

Sean Lee has been in the health and fitness industry for 20 years as a speaker, best-selling author, and founder of Restoration Fitness. Lake Zurich’s award-winning personal training studio. Visit or call 847.847.1837 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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Step 1: Identify your goals: Write down 1-3 things and build from there. Weight loss? Build muscle? Increase strength? Improve muscle tone? Reduce aches and pains? Get off meds? Are your goals functional, aesthetic, or both? Start by getting in touch with why you want to get healthy—then, start building a plan around those things.

Step 2: Choose physical activities you like: There’s no "right way" to be active. Whether you enjoy running, biking, hiking, weight training or boxing, there are plenty of fun ways to get active with things you enjoy and find fulfilling.

Step 3: Start eating a little healthier: A complete overhaul isn’t necessary. Removing everything you enjoy eating won’t end well. Start with the first meal of your day. A meal rich in protein, fiber, and healthy fat will increase satiety and improve blood sugar regulation which prevents overeating later in the day. Hydration is also important. A full glass of water with a meal is the best way to rehydrate.

Step 4: Create a schedule that works for you: When will you exercise and for how long? Where will you exercise? How many meals will you cook a week? Will you eat prepared meals from the grocery store? Will you use a meal service? Will you eat out? With answers to these questions, and when all your other responsibilities are considered, now you’re ready to block out time for exercise, grocery shopping, and meal prep. 

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