Get Fit, Don't Quit!

The new year is a time to push your limits and get active. Find the exercises that fulfill you, both physically and mentally, as you strive to be a better you. We bring you a collection of three workout spots in Cedar Park to kick off your 2023 fitness goals.


United by the beat, fueled by the ride. THAT is CycleBar. Discover an incredible cardio workout, premium amenities, and a community of riders to motivate your fitness journey. Achieve your personal best with various class formats led by industry-best instructors, fire beats to ride to, and performance stats to track your progress. No matter where you start, no matter where you’re heading, you belong at CycleBar Cedar Park.

4701 183A Suite E

F45 Training

You need a space to exercise alongside a genuine team with a no-ego attitude. F45 Training is that space. The F stands for functional training, while the 45 stands for how long your workout sessions are. Through F45 Training, you have the opportunity to unify your muscles, making you feel good and perform better than ever. Mix your cardio and resistance training to put your strength and endurance to the test.

401 W Whitestone Blvd, Suite 600

Burn Boot Camp

Burn Boot Camp is more than a gym! Its elite certified personal trainers design challenging and transformative 45-minute workouts. They even offer complete nutritional support, trainer focus meetings, complimentary child watch, access to online workouts, and the best fitness community in the world. If you want to see what Burn Boot Camp is all about, you can sign up for a free seven-day trial.

205 Cedar Park Dr #100

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