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A Q&A with Anna Husband, owner of tattoo parlor, The Gilded Moth

When you think of tattoo parlors visions of dark rooms with fluorescent flickering lights may come to mind, but the moment you set foot in The Gilded Moth you feel like you are in a spa. Beautifully curated, The Gilded Moth is owned by Anna Husband with the idea to create an environment that evokes artistry and calmness, instead of intimidation and uneasiness. This tattoo parlor knows the intention and thought that goes into getting inked and has created a space where everyone is welcome and all will feel comfortable. We wanted to learn more about the woman behind the needle, Anna Husband - what drives her, what inspires her, advice she would give to other entrepreneurs, and, of course, what is the craziest tattoo she's ever inked.

Born and raised? Born in Detroit, MI and moved to Madison, AL in 1996, at age 4

How long have you been in Huntsville? Moved to downtown Huntsville in 2015 from Madison, AL

What inspired you to open a tattoo parlor in Huntsville? I’ve always loved seeing the continued growth of Huntsville, especially with small businesses. It’s what makes a city unique. Each small business provides an added culture to the city. So I was inspired to make my mark and open Gilded Moth.

Who is your customer? Everyone is welcome! We pride ourselves on being inclusive and customer focused. Our clientele is anyone who wants a custom drawn, high quality tattoo in a relaxing and upscale environment.

What do you want to achieve? To make everyone want a tattoo. Just kidding. I want to create a unique experience and environment for both clients and tattoo artists so getting tattooed at Gilded Moth is more than just getting a tattoo, it’s a core memory. Long term I hope to be the first place people think of when they think of a wonderful tattoo and experience.

What are some of the challenges you face? I think one of the biggest challenges is always the public perception of tattoos. The stigma being that tattoos aren’t socially acceptable in a lot of instances. Tattoos are for those who want to display art, those who want a permanent piece of art to commemorate something, tattoos are for anyone who wants to choose something for themselves forever. Which for me means tattoos are for everyone.

What is the best business advice you have received? I would say some of the best advice I received as a small business has to do with working with other small businesses. No matter if they are in a different industry or a direct competitor, by working together we help create the culture that makes Huntsville a unique place.

What would you say to other people wanting to start their own business? Go for it! Being a business owner is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. Just make sure you are ready to be CEO, HR, marketing director, sales person, accountant, and janitor at your business. Also, add 30% to your budget and tack on 3 months onto your buildout timeline.

What do you love about owning a business in Huntsville? I’d say my favorite thing is how wonderful the small business community is, we truly want to help and uplift each other. Also the patrons of Huntsville, it’s a unique and diverse group of people who want to support small business.

Describe your perfect day in Huntsville. Ok the perfect day. So I would start by working out at the Fitzgerald Pilates, then grab a coffee after at Honest. Probably freshen up and walk downtown. Sit on a patio with my family. Enjoy a good meal and drink. Then if there is a good show at the Orion head over there for the evening.

Coolest tattoo you’ve ever done? That’s tough. I’d say for me, the coolest might have to be the tattoo I did on myself. It was the first tattoo I ever did. It was scary, exciting and obviously very memorable.

Biggest tattoo you’ve ever done? A full leg sleeve or half of a back piece Easiest body part to tattoo? Top of the arm or forearm Hardest body part to tattoo? Stomach. It’s rough for the client and hard to tattoo in general.