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Join the pickleball craze and get some excericise.

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The Woodlands Serves Up Summer Fun

Pickleball is touted as America's fastest-growing sport, and it is popping up on makeshift courts and driveways everywhere. To some, pickleball is tennis', noisier little brother, and once you've hit the courts, you'll understand the addiction, all while getting a little exercise and being social. While it is more popular than ever, Pickleball dates back to 1965 and is aptly named after one of the founder's dogs, Pickles, on Bainbridge Island, near Seattle. Hit the courts and bring your smack talk and quick shot to Shadowbend Park. At Shadowbend Park, playing at their ten outdoor courts with permanent lines is free, but you must bring your own net. Court reservations are available but not required. Players have access to light, restrooms, and water. See their website for comprehensive information and a summer schedule of events. Stay out of the kitchen (the seven-foot zone on each side of the net, known as the non-volley zone) this summer by giving Pickleball a shot. The equipment is inexpensive and can be found at all sporting goods locations.

Another location, The Woodlands' Falconwing Park, has eight outdoor hard courts with permanent lines and nets. You can find their summer schedule or reserve a court at Get a bird's-eye view of The Woodlands this summer by ziplining at Texas TreeVentures, an aerial adventure course adjacent to the George Mitchell Nature Preserve. A safety orientation is provided at the start, and a reservation time is included in the three-hour adventure, which involves scaling staircases and resting on platforms between the stations. Even if you don't feel daring, you'll be safely clipped into a marked route and can cruise along at your own pace. The zipline course is designed to be a "challenge by choice" to pick and choose how you want to scale the heights. It's a popular summer family, corporate, and date venue so online reservations are encouraged. While the course is designed for everyone's enjoyment, children from six to eight years of age require an adult monitor on the course. For children ages nine to 12, one adult per two children is required. To traverse the treetops independently, individuals must reach 70" in height and weigh between 44 and 275 pounds for equipment safety specifications. 

Texas TreeVentures hosts private events and birthday parties if you need a unique space for a memorable time. General admission for adults is $45, and children's tickets for ages six to 12 are $40. This tremendous outdoor adventure under the canopy of green leaves is tranquil, not just an adrenaline experience. Dust off your bikes, fill the tires, and bring back childhood nostalgia while exploring the many bike trails in the Woodlands Falconwing Park. The 10.34-acre park has all the amenities for a fun day. The Woodlands boasts over 111 bike trails, and the trails at Falconwing Park, on the Indian Springs side, are well marked, and the maps can be viewed online. No matter your ability level, choose from on-road and off-road pathways for every type of rider and enjoy the ride through nature.

These local Texas trails offer various options for an afternoon of fun. Pack a picnic lunch and make a day of it in the park while getting in a bit of exercise putting the pedal to the metal. Better yet, get fitted for a bike or get a tune-up and commit to exercise through cycling on the trails and in your neighborhood. Trek Bicycle The Woodlands in Cochran's Crossing will tune up your bike, get your tires properly inflated, or fit you for matching bikes - the perfect birthday or anniversary gift. Or find bikes to rent at ECO EZ-Riders in Hughes Landing for a tour around our city.

  • Make summer an adventure at Texas TreeVentures.
  • Scale obstacles at your own pace on the adventure course.
  • Hit the shade in the trees this summer at Texas TreeVentures.
  • The bike trails at Falconwing Park are for all levels.
  • Join the pickleball craze and get some excericise.
  • Reach new heights at Texas TreeVentures.
  • Traverse across the course clipped in with the safety belay devices on the zipline course.

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