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Horseback Riding

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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Explore Adrenaline Rush Activities

Explore! Try something new ... something out of your comfort zone! We've selected four experiences that will definitely break the cycle of humdrum activities.

Want to experience flying through the air without jumping out of a plane? Indoor skydiving has become a popular sport for those seeking a safe thrill. Check out the iFly venue in San Antonio for a fun flight. 

Another exciting flight is zip lining above the beautiful scenery in Central Texas. That is, if you're brave enough to let go and sail through the air. There are zip line facilities near Helotes and Wimberley, to name just a couple. 

Climbing on the back of a huge horse takes some nerve. But the ride is definitely worth it. Gently moving across the trails or galloping across a field will get your adrenaline flowing and put a smile on your face. There are several riding stables in the Boerne area.

There are lots of water sports that will get the blood pumping; however, kayaking also adds the need for paddling and staying atop the kayak. It is all about balance and gliding across the water. Hill Country Paddle Sports on Boerne Lake offers rentals.

  • Indoor Sky Diving
  • Horseback Riding
  • Zip Lines
  • Kayaking