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Get the Look Faster this Fall

Blo is Your Go-to for Beauty Shortcuts

As a kid, I never saw my grandmother parade around the house with a head of wet hair. Her hair consisted of always perfect, silky, salt-and-pepper waves — yet, I never saw her styling it. It was not until much later that I figured out my grandmother’s beauty secret: she visited her trusted hair stylist each week to obtain always-lovely locks. And while many of us are accustomed to DIY hair and makeup these days, I have some news – we don’t have to be! Take it from Afsheen Ali, owner of Blo Blowdry Bar in Homewood: having a stylist and makeup artist handle your look is an affordable luxury you must try at least once. But, fair warning, you might never go back to DIY. 

Blo Blow Dry Bar offers a variety of special occasion hair and makeup options – from weddings and proms to engagement photo shoots — but many of the salon’s visitors are regulars. Because Blo offers monthly memberships, it’s easy to save money and time on finessing your appearance and maintaining your hair between cut and color appointments. According to Afsheen, “it’s comfortable, convenient and a great way to get your hair out of the way for the rest of the week.”

Many of the regulars come without fail each week to score a sleek, professional-looking ‘do that will keep them looking and feeling their best for the next seven days. From Realtors to registered nurses to business owners — all who have weekly standing appointments — the lure to look great with minimal effort is what keeps everyone coming back to Blo. 

“Blo has been a tremendous blessing and helps me maintain a professional look throughout the week,” concurred Jennifer Davis Rash, president of TAB Media group. “The stylists take great care of my thick, natural curly, auburn hair, and they do their magic in less than an hour — all while I edit content, answer emails or work on my next presentation! I always leave Blo feeling confident and prepared to tackle the tasks in front of me that day.” 

Ready-made makeup is another bestseller, particularly with Blo offering the elite brand Glo Skin Beauty, a mineral-based natural skin and makeup line. Afsheen pointed out how makeup doesn’t need to be reserved for milestone portraits  either — plenty of Blo customers get their makeup done for date nights with the hubby or drinks with the girls. 

“We even have one client who comes every week to get her hair braided,” Afsheen said, smiling. “She gets her hair washed, blown out and braided every Wednesday at 1 p.m.!”

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