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Ever since Andrea Shealer was little, organization and design have been a passion. Her mother often said the favorite part of play dates for Andrea was when her friends went home and she got to clean up. Not only did she love to clean her room, but she liked to make it look different and was constantly redesigning it. After a trip to Waco, Texas she was inspired by her favorite design duo, Chip and Joanna Gaines, and began researching “everything available” to start her own business.

Andrea had her first client in January 2020 and has watched her dream of “creating space” come to life. Andrea’s goal has always been to “really listen” to the client; both their needs but most importantly, what they feel they can maintain. If a space doesn’t fit needs, “it’s a waste.” The end goal is for the client to love the design and for it to be realistic. Andrea provides both interior design and organization or will focus more on one aspect if a client prefers, though she is quick to point out that all her spaces flow and look nice.

Feeling overwhelmed? Try starting here:

1. Get a fresh set of eyes
No matter if it’s another person who often sees or uses the space, a friend or a professional, a change in perspective could help.

2. Figure out what is most important: design, organization or both
Do you need someone to set up functionality so you can utilize the space more efficiently or are you wanting it simply to look better, or both? For example, can you handle bins that make the space appear clean and clutter-free or do you need organization within those bins and would be
better served with cabinets or drawers that also hold organization within them?

3. Know your limits
What can you maintain and be honest about it. Labels on items look great but are only functional if you want to and are willing to keep up with them as needed.

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