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Get Together and Give Back!

Beat the heat with your family this summer with these cool charities

The end of the school year for families across the Fort Worth area signals the transition from tests and quizzes to, decidedly more fun, summer camps and trips! As we encourage our youth to explore the outdoors and spend time with friends and loved ones, might we also consider giving back this year. Family-friendly charities across Cowtown shine in the heat of the summer months, capitalizing on the extra help that a school-free calendar brings; a symbiosis also necessary for families as parents search for creative ways to fill up the days of their newly idle children, all hopeful to elude the trap of daily television and video games. And what better prescription for the monotony of video games than servicing your community in the wide outdoors? This summer, work together with your family building lasting memories and a better community!

Camp Fire

First Texas Camp Fire provides a multitude of resources for children and young educators across North Texas. With an array of summer camps, after school programs, outdoor education and teen leadership programs to choose from, Camp Fire has your kids covered this summer and beyond. With a focus on proven character-building practices, Camp Fire encourages inclusivity, confidence, and community responsibility amongst its campers. Parents, your support is needed as a Camp Fire counselor, donor, ambassador and more; reach out through the camp's online portal to find out how you can get involved!

Southside Community Garden

The goal of the Southside Community Garden is to empower home gardeners to produce their own food and enjoy the benefits therein. Volunteers are welcome to participate by helping transport materials, becoming a mentor, or learning to be a home gardener themselves. Throughout the program, families will learn about food inequality and how to be a more mindful food producer and member of their community. Donations are also always welcome, and 100 percent of donations go towards gardening supplies. Volunteer forms are available online, sign up today!

Met Church Food Pantry

For older kids, 13 and up, the Met Church Food Pantry needs volunteers weekly to help them collect and organize donations. With 164 volunteers and counting, Met takes their responsibility to the community seriously and shows their love for Fort Worth by giving back. Become an essential part of Met’s volunteer family and the gratifying work that they do all over Fort Worth by filling out their online forms. If you have a willingness to help, there’s a place for you with the Met Church Food Pantry this summer.

Baker Chapel AME Church

The second Saturday of every month is an opportunity to give back to Fort Worth's Historic Southside. Baker Chapel, in partnership with the Community Food Bank of Fort Worth, needs volunteers of all ages to help distribute food between 10 am and 2 pm. With a community of truly altruistic volunteers against the beautiful backdrop of Fort Worth's Southside, your family is sure to make meaningful memories that will last a lifetime. Find time slots that fit your schedule by signing up online at: