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Get Your Groom On

I recently read an unforgettable book titled A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles. The story centers around an aristocrat who’s been sentenced to house arrest in a 5-star hotel in Russia. While the world outside him is filled with political turmoil, the Count keeps his life humming inside the hotel's walls by clinging to that which he knows - his routine. He honors his weekly haircut appointment, performs his daily calisthenics, dresses with the utmost care, orders the correct wine at dinner (and often lunch) and closes his day with lively conversation over a snifter or two of brandy. 

In other words, he is a gentleman. And while we frequently hear that the era of the elegant man no longer exists, I often see men in our fine city who continue to honor this could be-lost art. I immediately think of my dad - the guy has more shoes than I do (and that’s saying a lot). I've never not seen him in a suit and tie for Sunday church, just like his own dad did and like his Uncle Homer still does, at 95. Like the Count, my dad also has standing haircut appointments. And he isn't afraid of a little mani/pedi either, which I think is super cool. 

I’ll never forget the first time I met Derrick Ramey, Jr., featured here. It was winter and he was wearing a marigold-colored finely tailored suit. Everything about it just worked. He was a showstopper. I introduced myself and asked if his suit was made of taffeta (I really need to learn my fabrics) and he told me it was raw silk. Because of course it was. He wasn’t playing around. 

Here we showcase three Huntsville men who keep our male residents in the gentleman game. From a custom suit to a sweet fade, these guys will make you look and feel your best. 

Roberto Contreras

Team Member, Roosevelt & Co. 

With years of styling experience under his belt, Roberto first began by reading blogs and books and truly listening to what men desire in a look. He considers dressing an art form and he's also a groomer - he owns the in-house barbershop, Barberia. The rewarding feeling of a happy client is one of the main reasons he joined the industry. "It's a really good feeling for someone to trust me for something big in their life and come out smiling." 

GO SEE ROBERTO: Roosevelt & Co., 114 Clinton Ave. East, Suite 102, Huntsville, 35801 / Tel: 256.203.2440

Derrick Ramey, Jr.

CEO & Founder, DapperDude

A Huntsville native and self-taught designer, Derrick started DapperDude in 2013. Success came quickly, partly due to the amazing support of the Huntsville community. His designs have been seen at The Golden Globes, the NAACP Image Awards, the SAG Awards, and in Vibe Magazine, to name a few. He finds inspiration in art, architecture and interior design. To him, helping men look put together is all about establishing confidence. He states, "You always look good when you feel good about yourself."

GO SEE DERRICK:, Tel: 615.545.4138

Francisco Lazo

Master Barber & Owner, The Fade Factory 

Born and raised in Long Branch, New Jersey, Francisco moved to Huntsville in 2008. He first began his craft by cutting his and his brother's hair at home. Soon after, friends were lining up for his services. Francisco says that cutting hair is more than just keeping a man looking sharp. "It’s about the feeling that they get when they look at themselves in the mirror before they walk out the door. You never know what someone’s going through and a simple haircut can lift a man's spirit."

GO SEE FRANCISCO: The Fade Factory, 5000 Whitesburg Drive, Suite 130, Huntsville 35802 / Tel: 256.429.9636