Get Your Dream Kitchen with Gerber Construction Services

It’s Easier than You Think

Article by Rachel Bennett

Photography by Gerber Construction Services, Inc

Originally published in Boise Lifestyle

If you ask someone which room in their house they would love to makeover, it would most likely be the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s where meals are made and eaten, family and friends gather, laughter flows freely and memories are made. It’s easy to see why someone would want to make it as inviting, comfortable and beautiful as possible.

Unfortunately, not every kitchen comes with all the features and extras we’d like to have. That’s where Gerber Construction Services comes in. This local construction and remodel company owned by Don Gerber and has been in business for eight years (although the company has been doing remodel and construction work in the Treasure Valley for about 50 years).

Undertaking a remodel of any substance can be a big job, and oftentimes, clients underestimate both time and cost.

“TV shows give the impression a renovation can be done in a matter of weeks, which, like most things on TV, is just not reality,” Don says.

If you can’t or don’t want to commit to an entire kitchen remodel, consider doing something small that carries a big impact, like painting your cabinets. If your kitchen is on the smaller side and a little darker, lighter cabinets can add brightness and life for considerably less cost than replacing the cabinets themselves. Remodel your space a chunk at a time. Don’t think that you have to do it all at once. Start small: update the lighting fixtures or faucets or hardware to something more modern. These upgrades don’t take a lot of time or money, and the results can make a big impact.

Trends are ever-changing, and it’s no different in the remodeling world.

“…[grays] are starting to phase out toward some more bolder colors as accents as well as some of the more earthy tones,” Don says.

While there are a lot of things you can do on your own to give your space a fresh look, grander plans are better left to the professionals. Don't try knocking down walls or putting in windows on your own. Get in touch with a professional you can trust. And don’t think that you're stuck with the current shape of your kitchen. If the structural integrity of the space allows, you can open up almost any room to give a larger, airier feel.

Want to see more of Gerber Construction’s work? The company contracts with Clint Robertson and Luke Caldwell, so tune in to season two of Boise Boys

Interested in getting your dream kitchen (or any other room)? Reach out to Don and his team: 208.484.4917, or on Facebook and Instagram (@GerberCS).

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