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Getting Your Garden Ready for Spring

Tips For A Successful Growing Season

Spring is on the way, and one of the best things about the season is watching flowers and plants bloom in all their glory. For many, gardening is a favorite hobby, and beautiful landscaping increases the enjoyment and value of any property.

Of course, it’s important to prepare your garden for planting. To give us some tips on how to do that is Aaron Gunter, general manager of Willow Branch Landscapes. Primarily a landscape construction company, it handles commercial and residential projects such as irrigation, lighting, retaining walls, patios, and outdoor kitchens.

Before putting your preferred plants in the ground, he advises taking some time to get your garden ready so your flowers and plants will flourish. For gardens, Aaron likes azaleas, astilbe, tulips, candytuft, and hostas, which are always popular. However, it depends on personal preference and location when choosing what to grow. 

1. Clean up any debris that has fallen over the fall and winter months. Rid the garden of leaves and sticks, and pull out any weeds or dead plants left over from last season. You want to start with a clean bed.

2. Apply a pre-emergence, such as Preen, in your soil beds. When it rains, these granules create a film to stop weeds from coming through. These can be found in almost any garden center, and applying every 90 days will help prevent a lot of back breaking weeding later on.

3. Correct any drainage issues since heavy downpours often occur in Tennessee in February and March. Poor drainage can kill plants and lead to soil erosion and flooding.

4. Do hard pruning on any shrubs or trees that are overgrown so they don’t overtake the area. Periodically trim to keep them in shape. This will also allow more
sunlight to filter through.

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