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Getting Your Home Ready For The Holidays

Get ready to wow your guests this holiday season with this helpful guide

  Can you believe it’s already the end of the year? Now it’s time for the holidays! There’s so much to do around the holidays and such little time to do it all. With the help of local entrepreneurs, we can make this year easy and stress free!

  We talked to Michael Siewert of Signature Interiors for all your decor needs, Kim Brown from the Merry Maids to have your home sparkling, Will Dalzell from Dalzell Design Landscaping can give you a perfectly manicured lawn, and Jared Reeves from Certified Clean Care can deep clean your carpets and remove nasty spots from rugs!

  Now you can sit back and enjoy this holiday season with your loved ones all while supporting local. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Merry Maids

  Kim Brown from the Merry Maids says that it’s important to declutter your home before your guests come over. “When the seasons change, you’re getting your house ready for holiday decorating. It’s a great time to spend a little bit of time decluttering certain areas of your home. One thing to ask yourself is, does it add value to my life or my home? If it doesn’t, then either donate, sell, or trash it,” says Kim.

  After you have decluttered the home, it’s a great time to do a deep cleaning! The Merry Maids can clean your ceiling fans, doors, blinds, vents, and even clean your oven and fridge so it’s ready for your guests! 

Call the Merry Maids for a free in-home estimate by calling 706-650-2409


Signature Interiors

After quarantining and not being able to see friends and family, Signature Mike says that we should make things more personal this year. He suggests making handwritten name cards and adding a personal touch. “Start personalizing and make it more of an unique experience for your family,” says Michael. He also says fresh flowers can liven up the table and their Lux Candles are the perfect scents for fall. A new trend Michael has noticed is using multiple table runners in a variety of patterns. Most importantly, he says to not stress and have fun while decorating!

Visit Michael Siewert at his store, Signature Interiors, located in the Signature Shopping Center on Fury’s Ferry past Publix. Be sure to follow Signature Interiors on Facebook to stay up to date on new arrivals!

Certified Clean Care  

  Jared Reeves from Certified Clean Care wants you and your home to be clean, healthy, and happy this holiday season! Have your carpet and rugs professionally cleaned before your family and friends visit. Better yet, Certified Clean Care can treat your rugs with a carpet protector that will help prevent spots and stains on your oriental rugs! Have peace of mind knowing that spilled food and dirty shoes won’t stain your rugs. 

  Call Certified Clean Care today at 706-450-9990.

Dalzell Design Landscaping

  Sit back and relax while Dalzell Design Landscaping takes care of all your yard work needs. Have them cut the grass and trim the bushes so you can have that picture perfect yard in time for all your guests.

  Call Dalzell Design Landscaping to schedule a consultation today at 803-335-5028.