Ghetto Rescue FFoundation Saves Lives

Since 2012, this nonprofit has rescued countless animals and placed them in loving forever homes.

“A dog is for life, not just for special occasions!” This mantra is one taken seriously by the dedicated dog rescuers at Ghetto Rescue FFoundation located in Anaheim Hills.

“Our rescue is unique because we’re a group of police officers, fire department personnel, community members, veterinarians, and business owners,” says GRFF Founder Tami Baumann.

GRFF is often contacted to assist law enforcement with dire situations.

“Most of the dogs we rescue are literally at death’s door, whether that’s on a ‘red list’ (facing euthanasia) at a crowded shelter or plucked from a deplorable situation.”  

GRFF specializes in rescuing pets and placing them with loving fosters until the perfect permanent placement can be found through an extensive adoption process.

It takes a village to keep GRFF’s wheels in motion.

“When we rescue or pull a dog from a shelter, we must have approved fosters in place,” explains Tami. “Rescue groups that are foster-based can only save lives if people are willing to take a pet into their home and care for them.”

For those willing to serve as fosters, GRFF covers food and medical costs. “If people would just consider fostering, we could save so many more lives!”

GRFF’s current foster network is far-reaching, stretching across California to Arizona.  

Another common GRFF saying is to “stay focused on the dog.”

“We believe in assisting people with keeping their pets out of the shelter, sometimes by simply providing pet food to a struggling family,” says Tami. “Any assistance we provide also comes with an agreement to spay and neuter.”

An important part of GRFF’s mission is creating compassionate, lifelong animal advocates—

starting with children.

“Pets are an important part of kids’ lives, not just because of the responsibility, but also the way they affect the rest of their lives. Most people can recall a time in their childhood when a dog or other pet gave them genuine love.  “Many kids are able to develop a special bond and find comfort with their beloved pet.” A pet can be a child’s first best friend or to children with emotional issues and/or bullying issues,” says Tami.

Ghetto Rescue FFoundation is a 501c3 nonprofit founded by local police in 2012. Headed by Tami Baumann, this group of extraordinary individuals saves abused and neglected animals from the unimaginable and places them in safe, loving homes. This foster-based rescue is always looking for approved fosters to save more lives. 

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