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The Hottest Gifts for Dads and Grads

June brings Father's Day and graduations—and trying to find the right gift for either can sometimes turn from fun to chore. We want to help bring the joy back! 

History of Father's Day

The third Sunday in June is Father's Day throughout the U.S. and even in many European countries. It’s an old holiday. As early as the Middle Ages, Catholics across Europe celebrated St. Joseph's Day, in honor of the Earthly father of Jesus, on June 19th. That evolved into a day honoring all fathers. The holiday didn't become a celebration in the U.S. until 1972 when Richard Nixon signed a law recognizing the third Sunday in June as an official holiday. 

Types of Gifts for Dads

Father’s Day celebrates the relationship between fathers and their children (and grandchildren). Perhaps the best gifts somehow relate to your relationship with your father, grandfather or even significant other as the father of your children. Gifts that mean something to the giver and the recipient best convey that celebration. However, that meaning is extremely personal. What works for one person might not work for another.

Gifts, especially those from young children to their fathers, might be homemade. They can be something that honors a favorite pastime, or perhaps you might want to give the gift of time. In a recent YouGov poll, dads across America ranked what they want for Father’s Day:

  • A card
  • A special day with the family
  • Clothing
  • Something homemade
  • Tools
  • Electronics
  • Hobby Items

Other items included a certificate for a unique experience, a keepsake gift and jewelry.

Graduations Galore

June also brings graduations. From kindergarten to middle school, high school and college to graduate school, there seem to be a lot of graduation invitations flying around in June. Do you need to buy a graduation present for everyone?

The answer is complicated. If you received an announcement, a gift is not necessary. However, if you receive an invitation to a party or ceremony, giving some gift is proper etiquette. But you should consider your relationship with the graduate and the graduate’s age.

High School Graduates

While you probably won’t be obligated to gift a child graduating kindergarten or elementary school (unless you’re the parent or a proud grandparent), most high school seniors appreciate a gift.

For high school graduates, money is always appreciated, but if you prefer to give gifts, you might consider:

  • Gift cards to national or online stores
  • Gift cards to national restaurant chains
  • Travel items, from suitcases to backpacks
  • Technology gifts from computers to headphones or Bluetooth speakers
  • Subscriptions to streaming services
  • Items for a new dorm, such as mini-fridges, toaster ovens or tableware

College Graduates

As with high school graduates, focus on the graduate’s needs. For many college graduates, they will be setting up a first apartment or moving cross-country to take a job. While money is always welcome, you can also find gifts that help them transition from student to working adult. Think about:

  • A beautiful pen or portfolio to make a great first impression
  • A journal to document the adventures
  • Gift certificates for nights out, a celebratory dinner or even season tickets to something in their new locale
  • Items for their new homes or gift cards to national stores

Whatever gift you choose, ensure that you think about what the recipient wants and values more than what you want to give. Here are a few of our favorite items for dads and grads.

Gifts for Dad

When looking for the right gift for the dads in your life, look for something that suits them. We recommend these fun gifts, many ideal for the active men in our community. Don’t forget to pair the present with family time to relax and enjoy the day.

Bad Birdie Golf Polo


Faber-Castell Ambition Deep Water Pen

$100 Pen | $85 Ballpoint

Curtiss 1 Luxury Motorbike


Eros by Versace

$59 - $135

Love Letter Blanket


Stewart Golf R1-S


Royal Albartross Kingsman Golf Shoes


Mesmerizing Desktop Art


La Jolla Sea Cave Trip


Gifts for Grads

Making that big transition, from high school to college or from college into the "real world," is cause for celebration. Here are a few of our favorite gifts for those graduates in your life. 

Kaweco Iridescent Pearl Fountain Pen


Topless Bedding Set


Magic Weighted Blanket


Phoenix-based XP LITE eBike


Mini Diamond Pave Heart Necklace


BeauTiFuL Roller Skates


FOTILE ChefCubii Combo Oven


Convertible Tech Backpack


Self-charging headphones