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Home for the Holidays

Article by Amy Birdsong Golden

Photography by Sarah Bell, Sélavie Photography

Originally published in River City Lifestyle

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Store Credit is going home for the holidays. This gift guide has a little bit of everything for your recipients to enjoy at home. Not pictured: all of the helpful and friendly local shop owners, associates and elves who are waiting to help.

Don’t come a ringin’ with your arms a swingin’

Plan ahead for hostess gifts with our favorite foodie ideas. You can wrap them just like you would a bottle of wine. Fino’s Memphis carries Fatworks Wagyu Beef Tallow if your host is a pit master. If you are lucky, there will be some browned butter chocolate chip cookies by Macaronagerie Memphis. Word has it they are Santa’s favorite. Wrapping a bow around a Penn Station sandwich also works.

Dave’s Bagels is Memphis based with a New York taste. You can find these at your favorite local grocer. Pair them with lox, spreads and you have a complete gift.

Humphrey’s Prime Cut Shoppe lets you take the best of Folk’s Folly to others. The egg salad and chicken salad make a nice happy, along with their hand-cut potato chips. Of course, a cooler of steaks and sides would be a delight. The real star is the garlic beef jerky. Get one for yourself, because holiday shopping makes you hungry. You will eat this in the car.

Ranch dressing is more than a salad dressing; it’s an iconic condiment. Garibaldi’s Pizza sells a full bottle of their house-made (and our favorite) ranch. It will be the most used bottle (of anything) over Christmas break. If you really love your hostess, bring a BBQ Pizza as well.

Gibson’s Donuts works for any holiday house call. Visiting family in the morning or rolling in late at night to the afterparty.

Come Out on Top!

Sometimes a gift card is the best answer. Even if you are last minute, add a topper to the gift. A nail file to a manicure/pedicure gift certificate. For a gift card from Novel Memphis, add a book.  Around town, we have spotted everything from tacos, oysters, fried chicken, kale and bacon ornaments for your tree. For restaurant gift cards, add a corresponding Christmas ornament. A favorite topper on any gift requiring such – batteries!


To go on one of the pages of the grids of gifts, please put this quote:

“One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas Day. Don’t clean it up too quickly.” - Andy Rooney

Quote for the last page:

“We light candles in testament that faith makes miracles possible.” – Nachum Braverman

  • "Ding Dong Ditch" your favorite neighbor with sleigh bells - expertly adorned with greenery. Garden District, 5040 Sanderlin Ave.
  • If your dog has a stocking too - braided leather leashes. Fern at La Grange. 50 Main St., La Grange, TN
  • If he already has every book and tool for gardening - Fish Poop Fertilizer. From aquaponic farming. Ounce of Hope, 5101 Sanderlin Ave.
  • One for the sizzle. One for the drizzle. Graza Extra Virgin Olive Oil Set. City & State, 2625 Broad Ave.
  • Best accessory for her greenhouse. Garden Glory Fancy Garden Hose. Social, 600 S. Perkins Rd.
  • Serpentine Wall Sconces. Designed by Powell Smythe and fabricated locally. Powell Smythe, 2537 Broad Ave.
  • For those who wish to wear slippers out of the home. Chaco Ramble Puff Boot and Clog. Outdoors Inc., 5245 Poplar Ave.
  • From tea time to happy hour. Handmade copper and silver ladles by Kingfisher Designs. Metal Museum Store, 374 Metal Museum Dr.
  • Modern day elf uniform - Pretty Rugged puffer vest. G Brady, Chickasaw Oaks Village, 3092 Poplar Ave.