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Gifts Of Graze:

Sending Creative Care, Especially When Apart, Via Glorious Grazing Boards

“We make it easy to share more moments together, and show you care when you’re apart,” explains Eileen Torres, founder of Gifts of Graze, a premium gift company created to elicit smiles through beautiful, delicious grazing boards filled with assorted cured meats, mild and creamy cheeses, bread, fruits and nuts.

Eileen customizes her boards by partnering with local businesses to add unique, finishing touches of chocolate, honey, jams and flowers. She says she has a passion for personally curating a standout experience for her customers.

“Each board is different. It's a release of my creativity” Eileen proudly states.

As a transplant from Los Angles, Eileen lives in McKinney with her 19-year-old son. She launched her company during July Fourth weekend in 2019, with the support of family and friends. 

“I want to be an example, motivate and inspire other women, no matter their age or where they come from. We cheer other women on. Their win is my win,” Eileen enthusiastically declares.

Eileen says she recalls a time when she made a special delivery to an elderly customer during COVID-19. Understanding that the customer was isolated and lonely from her family and friends, Eileen added a personal touch by adding a book, puzzle and flowers to the board. This special delivery ended in tears, hugs and a long-term friendship.

“I want to create a memorable experience for my customers,” Eileen says.

What makes Gift of Graze different? Eileen and her team can set up a grazing table in the comfort of homes or offices along with mini party favors – board in a box.

Her latest service offering is scheduling “private board workshops” for six to eight people.
Facebook and Instagram: @giftsofgraze

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