The Hydration Foundation Understands Quality Water

Why Our Water is Important for Health

Article by Gina Bria

Photography by Courtesy The Hydration Foundation

Originally published in Media City Lifestyle

The Hydration Foundation is the leading resource on the new science of water.  As a non-profit, we offer free education and initiate projects to better hydrate people, animals, plants and soils. 

 When water molecules are disorganized or disrupted, water can’t purify our bodies as efficiently as we need.  We get gunked up just like pipes do, and our health and cognition suffer.  Unfortunately, water has been profoundly affected not only by pollution, but water treatment technologies and the interruption of nature’s very processes.

Did you know that even 2% dehydration leads to measurable cognitive decline?  We are meant to have tissues fully hydrated and buoyant.  We’ve come to see that hydration runs all our body’s systems, cleaning up as it goes, from circulation to waste removal, there is nothing hydration doesn’t touch.  Even our eyesight depends on a well hydrated eye socket and eyeball.  Every one of our cells, every function to remain alive, requires good hydration.

Clean water isn’t just water free from contamination, it is water that delivers nature’s electricity through electron donation. The secret part of hydration, the invisible work, is the delivery of electromagnetic charge, the actual life force for living and healing. Truly clean water is organized, some call it structured, to zip efficient energy into all your cells.

Tap water has been chemically washed and pressurized in such a way that it disorganizes electron sharing. These treatments were done with good intention, to clean up water from contaminants, but the new science now recognizes we disrupted water’s ability to transfer its electricity to us. The same with bottled water, which so often sits for long periods of time in plastic containers. That interrupts water's need to move in order to generate electricity.

Structured water refers to water’s organized state, passing electrons rapidly to all our tissues, cells and organs. The Hydration Foundation’s job is to find and support technologies that recover the natural state of our water.  Spring Aqua is a company that does just that, using natural processes to return water to a coherent state.  I have worked alongside Kenny Lu, Spring Aqua’s CEO, for sometime now, even discussing how they can bring their technology to help recover soil through highly charged water.  These kinds of collaborations, good companies with good leadership, are the way we will regenerate our beautiful earth and our own human health.  I’m optimistic about our future if we restore water.

Gina Bria is the founder of the Hydration Foundation.  She is an anthropologist who studies desert communities to record how they hydrate, as well as co-author of Quench: Your 5-Day Plan to Optimal Hydration without Guzzling. Her TEDx talk: How to Grow Water, has helped change the conversation on what water actually is.

There are several world-famous mountain springs that attract millions of people annually because of the healing properties of the water.  Lourdes Springs is home to one of the most famous healing shrines in the world, it receives 4-6 million visitors a year. Many of the visitors seek cures they believe come from drinking or bathing in the water. Scientists have studied this spring water since the late 1800’s hoping to unlock the mysteries and documenting these miraculous results. Spring Aqua has developed our own version of Lourdes water through mimicking the rock layers, geology, and other properties outlined in scientific studies. As a result, we have created a complete water hydration technology that you can have right in your own home. We call it an Ecosystem in a Box.

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