Peace, Love, and FRIENDship!

Meet Morgan!

Morgan is a member of FRIENDS of Broomfield! ‘Friends’ gather at this nonprofit to thrive in a community of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) in all different steps in life–such as employment, independent living, lifelong support, and finding a voice in the community. 

As you enter the building of FRIENDS, the different rooms are brimming with happy chatter as The Friends discuss their activities for the day. There are rows of multiple classrooms dedicated to creativity and fostering independence, and colorful artwork line the walls. Everything about the center feels like the warm embrace of a hug as you join a circle of Friends. 

Morgan, an animal-lover, found FRIENDS of Broomfield after she graduated from her high school program ‘Transitions,’ and has been on the upswing ever since!

The staff at FRIENDS of Broomfield is dedicated to supporting their Friends like Morgan, in the journey to independent living through social activities, community integration, financial education and safety planning, to name a few. One of Morgan's goals was to find a job, ideally working with furry friends, so the staff conducted a series of cold calls to local businesses to find Morgan the perfect match.

Because she grew up with pets and had the support, training and encouragement of FRIENDS, she was able to follow her love for dogs and land her dream job at City Bark of Broomfield, a pet boarding service that also offers dog training, daycare, and grooming!

FRIENDS is a nonprofit on a mission to provide lifelong support to their 200+ Friends through their Day, Residential, Social and Travel, as well as Supported Employment Programs. To ensure Morgan will continue to have a friend in FRIENDS, we invite you to join them Sunday, July 31st for the annual GirlFRIENDS Luncheon & Fashion Show. It will be hosted at The Chateaux at Fox Meadows! The GirlFRIENDS, as well as male models and Lil’ Friends, will be taking the runway in fashion for a good cause!

As exciting events, new career opportunities, and a strong sense of community arise, the FRIENDship circle only grows!

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