Giving Back

These women give of their time and talent to better our community.

For our “Ladies Issue” we wanted to take the time to recognize some truly amazing women in our community. We’ve been able to speak to ladies who give back their time and talents to myriad causes throughout the area. Hear more from six women, in their own words, on what inspired them to go above and beyond for others. 

Jennifer Troice, Artist | Bronze Sculptures

“As an artist, I feel personally compelled to put philanthropy at the heart of what I do. My first collection when I became a sculptor was titled “A Helping Hand”, inspired by the realization that as social beings, we only survive and thrive when we can count on each other. Discovering my talent for sculpting essentially felt like receiving a gift myself, quite suddenly in my teenage years, and it has been a priority for me to find opportunities to give back. Supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation is my way of extending my helping hand, in the hope that my contribution can make a difference in people’s lives.” 

Dr. Gunjan Kant, Founding Member of Meditate Moms

“I myself have practiced meditation for 20 years. It helps me connect to myself. We all go through a lot in life - things are not always smooth, but with meditation, you can remain centered. I have participated in the non-profit organization by the name of Sahaja Yoga Meditation, for many years and in July we began “Meditation for Moms.” This are completely free, online programs for moms in all phases of life. Our volunteers knew this would be wonderful to offer virtually during the pandemic and our group kept evolving on this concept. I can completely understand because the world has turned upside down. The moms have challenging lives with a whole day at home. We do this for the community out of our desire for human to human connection, and helping these moms remain centered and balanced in these difficult times is a simple way to give back.” 

Lee Michaels, HPISD School Board Trustee

"After my daughters graduated from HPISD, I wanted to give back to the District for the amazing education that they received. Serving as a trustee on the school board enabled me to use my skills and past experience as an attorney to make an impact in the community. My involvement with The Grant Halliburton Foundation and CARE educated me about the mental health and substance abuse issues facing our youth and gave me skills to bring to HPISD. Finally, I am passionate about human rights and serve on the board of the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum, where I will be stepping up as Chair in 2022. Dallas has so many worthy non-profits that give so much to the community. It is easy to find your passion!"

Carlyn Ray

"I love working with glass, my mind, and my hands to create custom art.  Glassblowing ignites the imagination, illustrates STEAM curriculum (STEM + Art), and offers life lessons.  Four years ago, we started the nonprofit Art Reaching Out (ARO), which exposes under-resourced students to STEAM-based hands-on experiences through glass.  Students witness the magic of hot glass then make it themselves.  Glass is an incredible material that teaches patience and being present while bringing chemistry, material science, technology, and engineering to life.  I find learning, experimenting, and creating to be so fulfilling and love sharing my passion with others."

Jan Osborn, Founder at Dallas Doing Good 

"As I look back over my years in Dallas, there has been one thread that connects it all: good stories. Working with schools, nonprofits, and volunteers, I have seen remarkable people who have dedicated their lives to a cause and made our community stronger because of it. Dallas Doing Good is simply an extension of those inspiring stories. Through Dallas Doing Good we are able to highlight the leaders and organizations who are creating a long-lasting impact but may not have the chance to share about their journey or the effort it takes to solve the pressing issues that surround us. It is also a joy to help North Texans connect with a new cause and find people who share their same passion. Whether people are reading our stories on the Dallas Doing Good website, social media, or in our weekly email, I hope there is not only inspiration, but also a pathway to action." 

Lisa Petty, Bryan’s House Committee Volunteer

"Throughout my life in Dallas, I have heard about the work of Bryan's House. For over 30 years, it has provided a truly remarkable range of services for at-risk kids with special needs and their families. That I can support Bryan's House as a luncheon committee volunteer and upcoming Chair of the Jubilee Society right now is such an honor. As we all emerge from an incredibly challenging year, our Bryan's House families need us now more than ever. The upcoming Pathways to Inclusion Luncheon, Awards, and Speaker Panel in September, and our fabulous digital raffle going on right now, are both wonderful ways to support this incredible organization."

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