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Giving Back Brings Great Rewards

Dedicated volunteers giving their time to raise money for a local hospital

Mansion in May, the signature fundraiser for the Women's Association for Morristown Medical Center, will take place from May 1 through May 31 in the Borough of Mendham. The monies raised will benefit the expansion and modernization of Morristown Medical Center's Institute of Bioskills Training and Innovation. 

Always a much anticipated event, it takes many dedicated volunteers to make it an amazing experience for all those who attend. Two of these volunteers, Mary Courtemanche and Barbara Ruane, are long-time board members, and this year are co-chairs of the event, leading a team of over 60 individuals.

“I got started in 2008 when a friend of mine who was the then president saw me at a party,” says Mary. “She knew my son had spent a lot of time in the emergency room at Morristown Medical Center, and she told that the next Mansion in May [in 2010] would benefit the emergency room. She asked if I wanted to help.”

The medical center was always there for her and her family when they needed help, and she realized that giving back would be enormously satisfying. Mary has been volunteering with the association and the Mansion in May event ever since.

When Barbara joined the Women's Association 12 years ago, she was extremely impressed by the commitment of the women involved. “Mansion in May is our largest fundraiser,” she says. “Being a part of it is a privilege and very rewarding. We do such a good job fundraising for a wonderful hospital; I'm full of pride about it.”

Mary and Barbara, who are both retired, started planning a year ago and put in over 40 hours a week during the months leading up to the event.

“With the association, I've met more incredibly interesting people than I would have otherwise in my daily life,” says Mary. “We all feel the same call to the mission of helping the hospital.”

To buy tickets for this unique and worthwhile event, go to


May 1 through May 31


Three Fields estate in the Borough of Mendham


Tour an estate and support the expansion and modernization of Morristown Medical Center's Institute of Bioskills Training and Innovation.

“Three Fields is a stunning setting with a beautiful house sitting on 36 acres,” says Mary. “We'll also have some sculptures out there for people to see. It’s going to be a gorgeous experience.”

  • Photo by David Gruol
  • Photo by David Gruol