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Go For Golf

Have you ever wondered why people like golf so much? There’s a reason it is one of the most popular sports out there. Men and women all over the world experience many benefits of golf. There are positive physical, social and psychological advantages to playing, which is motivation to consider taking up the game.

The two men and business owners featured in this article, Darien Lame and Gardner Leaver embrace this concept, as they both have a love of the game of golf. From the experience in the outdoors and nature, to spending time with friends which sparks conversation to the fact that anyone can play: men, women or children. Golf is a universal language for those who play and understand the way it requires you to stay calm under pressure, and improve professional relationships, network and build rapport. Not to mention you can play your whole life. There truly is no age limit, and it could even help you live longer! 


Darien Lame, Farmers Insurance, is an avid golfer. He picked up golf his last year in college as a fun hobby that allowed him to hang out with friends, and it grew over time.

“Since picking it up, I have developed a love for the game. I am very competitive, and golf is the most challenging sport I've played. It challenges you emotionally, physically and mentally and it’s something I'll forever want to continue to try to perfect. My biggest inspiration for the game is one hundred percent Tiger Woods,” he noted. “I think he is the most iconic, polarizing sports figure the sports world has ever seen.”  

Getting out on the golf course on a nice sunny day is Darien’s escape from the real world, explaining, “Shortly after opening my business, I realized I could use playing a sport I love to my advantage on the business side of things. There is no better way to get to know clients and/or prospects on a personal level than taking them for a round of golf. I entertain current clients and enjoy joining other golfers. The connections I have made are endless and golf has really helped me grow and evolve my insurance agency.”

“Golf gives me peace of mind. The game is challenging, and you must be strong mentally to play well, and realizing you're not perfect and that life goes on is a big thing it’s taught me personally,” he mused.  

Darien enjoys playing on his home course, Loch Lloyd Country Club.

“The members are great to socialize with and the golf course is outside of the city just enough, so you feel you're in the country. Another favorite is Southern Highlands Golf Course outside of Vegas because it is beautiful and challenging. I've never played at Augusta where the Masters is held. I feel Southern Highlands is a similar feel and challenge,” he said.


Gardner Leaver, owner of Barnhouse Custom Homes, sees golf as a way to relax and unwind.

“I started really focusing on golf later in college. Prior to that I’d go out and have fun but actually dedicated some time to it my junior/senior year of college,” he noted.  “I played baseball in college and me and the other pitchers would get our workouts and practice in then head to the course for a couple hours before dark. My grandfather was a scratch golfer. I never got to play with him, but my dad told me stories about playing with him at our local course, The Montauk Downs. Whenever I played out there, I always thought of him. My father picked the game up a few years ago extremely quickly and we have a blast playing together now.” 

Gardner plays a few charity events each year with buddies and always seems to make good connections with people at those tournaments. 

Getting out on the course is a massive pressure release for him. 

“I haven’t had much range time over the last few years, so I keep my expectations in check when I play and strictly focus on the enjoyment and my surroundings,” he explained. “Being outside is just so important for my mental health and time on the course is often spent with great friends or family. Locally, my favorite courses are probably Sycamore Ridge, Wolf Creek and Ironhorse. My favorite course I’ve ever played that I get to frequent is Aspen Glen in Carbondale, Colorado. It’s simply breathtaking.”

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