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Going Above and Beyond

Cindy Davis Is Not Your Typical Realtor

Cindy Davis has a unique background. She has not only traveled the world, but tackled financial analysis for BCBG, construction management, and the fast-paced world of fashion at a magazine. Taking to the skies as a flight attendant added another layer to her professional journey, she says.

Now an Arizona resident, she began as a mortgage broker for a luxury builder, later becoming a full-time residential realtor with Launch Powered by Compass.

What makes a great realtor? 

My approach is simple—it's not about me. Genuine kindness and a commitment to treating others with respect define my interactions. Arrogance has no place in my ethos. I find joy in understanding others and fostering genuine connections. Being a great realtor, for me, means going above and beyond, offering unwavering service, and ensuring a seamless home-buying experience. It's all about building relationships, adding value, and making a meaningful impact in the lives of those I have the privilege to assist. 

You’re known for going above and beyond …

Ensuring a smooth journey through the escrow phase is vital to me. I believe in being a buffer against challenges and fostering positive experiences. My approach is simple—kindness, quick responses, and a personal touch.

After inspections, I send a handwritten note and a special gift or meal. At closing, I celebrate their success with a congratulatory gift and a certificate for their favorite restaurant.

Even after closing, my commitment doesn't waver. I handle post-closing requests promptly, from rekeying to landscaping. Every experience may be different, but the consistent thread is delivering the best service.

Clients can rely on me. I'm still picking up mail for a client a year after his house closed, and I've even made friends with the new owner, who often seeks my real estate advice.

One thing people would be surprised to know about you? 

I spent six years in the military.

Anything else you’d like to share? 

Life's all about soaking up the present, finding joy in every moment, and, of course, embracing the chaos with a smile. It's a journey, and I'm here for the ride, sprinkling gratitude and positivity along the way!

"As a family, we deeply appreciate cultural diversity, making it a point to travel internationally once a year. Life, for us, is an ongoing journey of adventure and service to others, values we strive to embody in every aspect of our lives," Davis says.