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Going All In

A realtor's journey from business owner to dedicated realtor, highlighting her commitment to clients, family, and community.

In a town full of realtors, it is often hard to figure out which one to use when you are buying or selling a home. And while there are many wonderful realtors here in Crystal Lake, we were able to sit down with one of them and talk about not just her business but her life, her journey into real estate, her time here in Crystal Lake and her travels around the globe. 

To meet Angel Collins is to meet someone who immediately puts you at ease. She has a calm confidence and a radiant smile that invites conversation. Angel’s story is unique, but it is also universal. A story of traversing through life’s ups and downs while trying to forge your own path. Angel will be the first to tell you how lucky she is to walk through life with her best friend and husband of 42 years. After meeting in college, they married and started a family, moving around quite a bit before settling down in Crystal Lake in 2000. 

Angel and her husband once owned a kitchen exhaust cleaning service, a niche and emergent business that often had them handling stressful and time-sensitive situations in the middle of the night. Running this business taught Angel invaluable lessons about triaging situations, listening to others to find solutions, and maintaining composure under pressure. These skills have proven invaluable in her real estate career. She learned how to gather information, align everyone's efforts towards a common goal, and achieve successful outcomes, making her adept at managing the complexities of real estate transactions.

One of Angel's standout qualities as a realtor is her ability to connect with clients on a personal level. It is evident when speaking with her that she genuinely cares about helping people navigate significant life changes, stating that one of the things she loves about being a realtor is that it has given her the opportunity to use her unique skills to help people. This commitment is obvious in the way she handles each transaction, ensuring that her clients feel supported throughout the process.

Angel recalls a particularly memorable experience involving a client who had lived in her home for 50 years. The thought of preparing the house for sale was overwhelming for her, but Angel wasn’t deterred, she stepped in with her “all in” approach, a clear plan, and unwavering support. Together, they methodically tackled each room, de-cluttering and organizing to enhance the home's appeal. Angel helped move boxes and organize the garage, demonstrating her desire to help in anyway necessary. The result was ten offers and a sale above asking price, a result of her expertise and dedication.

Another “all-in” moment for Angel was when a first-floor condo under contract experienced sewage overflow. Angel didn't hesitate. She quickly brought in a trusted contractor, coordinated with the insurance adjuster, and managed the entire repair process for her client. Her efficient handling ensured the sale closed on time, much to the client's relief and satisfaction.

Her approach to real estate is encapsulated in her motto: "When I'm in, I'm all in." However, Angel’s all-in attitude is not just reserved for her clients. It is evident in the way she lights up when talking about her friends and family that they receive Angel’s wholehearted approach as well. 

Outside of her professional life, Angel is a devoted mother and grandmother. She shares the wisdom she has gained from raising her children, stating, "Always have faith in your children, let them be, they may surprise you." This belief in allowing her children to grow and learn on their own terms reflects her supportive nature. A nature put on display during her travels to Ireland with friends in 2023 when she honored a friend who couldn't join due to illness. Knowing how much this very anticipated trip meant to her friend, Angel created a "Flat Stanley" figure of her friend and her friend's husband. This thoughtful gesture included getting their picture on the Jumbotron at a Notre Dame game in Dublin, fulfilling a long-held dream of her friend who once cheered at Notre Dame. Just one example of Angel’s thoughtfulness. 

Angel’s journey from owning a small business to becoming a trusted realtor in Crystal Lake is not a story so unique that it is inspirational, it is inspirational because it is universal.  Angel lives an ordinary life in an extraordinary way. Her adaptability, dedication, and commitment to helping others is what is inspirational. Her personal values and deep care for her family and community are a reminder for all of us to go “all-in.”

Angel’s story is unique, but it is also universal. 

"When I'm in, I'm all in."