Gentlemen, Start Your (Hybrid) Engines

Bentley is on a journey to a more progressive future, committed to becoming a carbon-neutral, global pioneer in sustainable luxury mobility. A crucial milestone in this ambitious journey is the introduction of the Bentley hybrid range, including the new Flying Spur Hybrid and the Bentayga Hybrid. Together, these extraordinary models set new standards for luxury hybrid vehicles.

As the most recent hybrid model to be launched, the new Flying Spur Hybrid showcases Bentley’s ability to combine sustainable design with exquisite craftmanship and truly effortless performance. With a 2.9L twin-turbocharged gas engine and a powerful 100kW electric motor, the car surges forward with all the smooth, refined power the world expects from a Bentley. It may be the most environmentally friendly Flying Spur ever built, but it remains a phenomenally powerful luxury sedan reaching 0-60 mph in 4.1 seconds with a top speed of 177 mph. Its streamlined profile balances elegance with aerodynamic efficiency, while a long, flowing roofline evokes a sense of effortless power. Inside, the light and airy cabin space is complimented by the handcrafted attention to detail, making every journey truly luxurious. Exhilarating and refined, it’s the most advanced Flying Spur yet.

Meanwhile, the Bentayga Hybrid brings endless serenity and sustainability to the powerful Bentayga range. This extraordinary SUV enhances the distinctive character of the Bentayga with progressive new technology to create a drive that doesn’t compromise on performance, luxury, or efficiency. Crafted to excel in both the city and the open road, it’s powered by an innovative electric motor and a 3.0L V6 gas engine that work together in perfect harmony to achieve 0-60 mph in 5.2 seconds and a top speed of 158 mph. It boasts a stunningly sculpted exterior that can be further customized with numerous personalization options to make an even bolder statement. Inside, the immersive interior features handcrafted veneers, natural leather, and detailed stitching options to create a space designed to connect you with your journey. With its unique drive and impressive power, the Bentayga Hybrid delivers the exhilarating experience you would expect from a Bentley grand tourer.

“Ready to begin your journey to a more sustainable future with the Flying Spur Hybrid or Bentayga Hybrid? Bentley Atlanta would be honored to assist you,” says general manager Greg Mabry.  “As Georgia’s only certified Bentley dealership, we strive to provide a truly exceptional shopping experience for both local customers and those out of state. As an added convenience, we also offer the option for 100% online purchasing through our Clicklane platform, should you wish to shop from the comfort of home.”

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