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How to Live Your Best Life In Your Golden Years

Call it retirement or your second act in life, if your career is at an end do you know what you’ll do next? How do retirees who still have years of life left figure out what the next phase of their life should look like?

Those questions, and the challenge of helping others figure out the answers, is what led Ashley Rigby into her own new career path. The founder of Goldinage, a retirement mindset coaching and consulting business for those nearing or in retirement, Ashley helps clients envision, plan and invest in the next phase of their lives to make the most of their retirement. 

There are plenty of financial planners who can help retirees figure out how to retire with a comfortable income, but Goldinage focuses on the “incredibly personal, and unique aspects of living your best life” after retirement, Ashley says. 

“Retirement could be 35 years or more of someone’s life. That’s a very long time and I don’t think we’re addressing all of the stages of that person’s life in retirement.”

A certified life coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation and the WELL Accredited Professional  – which focuses on well-being in the workplace – Ashley guides clients on how to be empowered and engaged, especially, later in life.  

Baby Boomers are retiring in greater numbers and living longer, healthier Golden Years than any previous generation, but  many of them aren’t sure what their retirement can or should look like. 

“I support and guide those on the cusp of retirement because I’m skilled at helping others explore all the options and feelings that come along with big transitions. I care deeply about my clients’ well-being.” 

She says her role as a retirement mindset coach is to guide her clients on their journey of discovery. 

“I absolutely do not have all the answers, it’s a journey we explore together. The most rewarding part is when my clients uncover who they are, not what they do.”

Goldinage coaching, she adds, “is about curiosity, exploration and detaching from expectations or preconceived notions of what one should or shouldn’t do based on their age or phase in life. Even the word retirement comes with many cultural expectations and unrealistic narratives. I like to shed those to help people live the fullest life possible.”

She started the business in 2020 after getting training in her corporate role to become an executive coach. She says she’s passionate about helping others discover their own passions in life. 

“I pivoted my focus specifically to retirement because I’m inspired by older adults and amazed by 60 and 70 and 80-year-olds changing themselves and the world for the better. My clients are curious, yet cautious about what’s on the other side of a long career and that’s the work that we uncover together.

Goldinage LLC

11 Melrose Drive, Farmington

Online: Goldinage.com

Phone: 860-263-9103

The most rewarding part of this process is when my clients uncover who they are, not what they do.

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