Good Human of the Month

Melinda Kizer

Melinda Kizer, the visionary founder of JCK Resources, has dedicated her life to a cause close to her heart — providing quality transition education to adults aged 18 and over. JCK Resources is not just a nonprofit; it's a manifestation of Melinda's personal and professional worlds converging.

Driven by her own experiences, Melinda's inspiration for JCK Resources stems from her son, J.C. Kizer, who participated in local school district transition education until his passing at the age of 19. Witnessing the transformative impact of quality transition programming on his life fueled Melinda's desire to ensure all students have the opportunity to acquire the skills needed to reach their full potential. Her 32 years in public education, spanning both elementary and secondary settings, laid the foundation for the creation of JCK Resources.

Residing in Allen for the past 30 years with her husband, Kurt, Melinda, alongside her three grown children — Evan, Ryan, and Mallory — embodies the essence of community commitment. Her philosophy is that of a gardener, consistently planting seeds of influence during community interactions. As a community-based program, JCK Resources actively participates in the community, demonstrating success, learning, and positive engagement.

Melinda's mantra, "If you want people to change, you have to show them what it looks like," encapsulates her mission. Every positive interaction becomes a catalyst for altering perceptions and fostering a community that recognizes and celebrates the potential within every individual.

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