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Crystella McIvor

At the start of the pandemic in March of 2020, as we all witnessed the challenges that our hospitals were facing, Crystella McIvor wanted to be part of the solution. Her daughter is a nurse and, as Crystella proudly proclaims, "Moms will climb Mt. Everest if it helps our kids, thus Support Our Scrubs was born." 

Crystella signed up for a continuing education course at Collin College to figure out how to establish and manage a nonprofit organization. The mission of her newly founded nonprofit, Support Our Scrubs, was to bring together the needs of first responders with the generosity of our communities to facilitate acts of kindness.

In collaboration with numerous businesses and individuals, Support Our Scrubs has helped provide over 100,000 meals, care baskets, cups of coffee, cupcakes, gift cards, toys, gifts, thank you cards and more to hospitals across the metroplex. Additionally, they provide free yoga and guidance on breathing techniques to help with relaxation and mental health support. Counseling partnerships and an awards program are now in the works.

Crystella was born in Mexico City and grew up in Central and South America. She and her family moved from Mexico to Texas in 2000 and settled in Allen in 2001. "Allen has become our home, and it has been an absolute pleasure to watch a small city change so much. I used to drive by cornfields every single day, and that is no longer the case." 

Crystella currently serves on the City of Allen Convention & Visitor Bureau. The Board works with other city boards and community leaders to find synergy, solutions and ways to collaborate for the good of all residents and visitors. 

Why I Serve

"We live in an incredible country that provides opportunities to accomplish great things. With hard work, sacrifice, and supportive family and friends, I believe we can do just about anything! I have known what it’s like to go without, and I have empathy for those struggling. I strive to live a life that I can be proud of. I make mistakes every single day, but if I can possibly set an example for my kids or help someone along the way — with even a simple smile or word of encouragement — then I will have done what I can. I highly recommend getting involved in our community, whether it's volunteering at our schools or with nonprofits. You will not regret it! Each and every one of us can do our small part to make the world a better place."

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