Good Roofers, Good Neighbors

Slaughter Roofing’s Decade Long Commitment to the Greeley Community

Serving the community for over 30 years, Slaughter Roofing was founded with a desire to keep their neighbors in mind. Slaughter Roofing was established by Mike and Gina Slaughter in 1987 to fill an increasing need for roofing contractors in Northern Colorado. Over the years, two of their children, Andy and Cara, have become increasingly involved in the business, investing their time and efforts to continue the legacy that their parents have cultivated in Greeley.

The Slaughter family views their multi-generational, family-oriented business as being uniquely positioned to get to know their customers in a more personal way. “Our favorite part of our business is by far the people…” Mike said. “We love meeting new people, reconnecting with old friends, and providing a service they are both satisfied with and can depend on. We are not just replacing a roof or fixing a leak, we are protecting what’s inside – the things you love the most.”

In addition to being a family-oriented business, Slaughter Roofing is dedicated to taking the fear out of getting a new roof by educating their customers personally. “We’ve developed a hands-on approach to walking our customers through the repair or replace process,” Mike added. “Hiring a roofing company can be daunting but our goal is to make the process simple and straightforward.”

While many companies like Slaughter Roofing focus on expanding their business to increase profits, the Slaughter family has chosen to follow a less conventional path and remained a small business only in Greeley. “We’ve chosen to stay located in Greeley because scale creates distance and our value is in the community that we have roots planted in,” Mike said. “We love Greeley and it’s a privilege to be a part of this community.” By remaining in Greeley, the Slaughters have spent the last 34 years cultivating relationships and raising their families alongside their customers.

Staying locally focused has also allowed the Slaughters to uphold one of their core values: “to invest in the wellbeing of our community and the neighborhoods we live and work in.” The Slaughter’s know that residents of Greeley, many of whom are their friends, are tired of high-pressure salespeople who come in after a storm. Slaughter Roofing, remaining community-oriented and striving to be a good neighbor, keeps their process simple and straightforward.

In addition to their commitment to customer service, the Slaughter family gives back to the community to demonstrate their gratitude for a great place for their family and business to grow and thrive. “Part of our mission as a local business is to be a good neighbor,” Mike said. “Every year we partner with several local organizations we believe are working to better Greeley for everyone. Some of the groups we have worked with are American Cancer Society, Weld Food Bank, A Woman’s Place, School District 6, and the Greeley Stampede.”

For their combined work in their community, and excellent service, Slaughter Roofing has earned several awards, the latest of which being the 2020 Platinum Product Excellence Award for their industry-leading contributions to the roofing category. “This industry recognition reflects our continued focus on bringing a results-oriented, customer-driven approach to running our business and delivering trustworthy, dependable work for homeowners,” Andy said.

Every day, members of Slaughter Roofing strive to build relationships with their community, meet the needs of their customers, and strengthen their hometown. The Slaughter family hopes that if they were to close their doors tomorrow, the impact they left on the community could be measured in more than just how many shingles they laid. The team at Slaughter Roofing is more than just good roofers, they’re good neighbors.

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