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Good Vibes Only

Improve your Space, Improve your Life

Staging and design experts Robyn Phipps and Kristin Hinkson share their recommended home improvements with all. The goal? Good vibes only.

Just as many other spaces in the home have dedicated functions (kitchen = cooking, bedroom = sleeping, office = working, bathroom = well, you get the point), it’s also highly recommended to have a space dedicated to your passions, hobbies, and/or recreations. Whether this space is a home gym,a photography darkroom, or a private library, dedicating a space or room to activities that bring you peace and enjoyment is highly beneficial. A permanent place for these activities may even remind you to do them more often (fingers crossed that’s true for the home gym!). #goodvibesonly

“Homeowners want clean, comfortable designs now that they are spending more time inside. Sleek finishes? Yes, and a level of coziness. Uncluttered, yet still warm.” Kristin Hinkson, Design Partner at Staging & Design, reflects on the current needs of homeowners. Her colleague, Realtor and Owner Robyn Phipps, affirms these ideas and adds: 

“Families want to enjoy private space while being able to handle a small gathering comfortably. If family or friends visit, it feels good to offer them a full guest suite, well equipped basement, or even a meal prep space.” #goodvibesonly

Designers and architects have seen the benefits of “bringing the outside in” for centuries, but now it’s time to bring the inside out! Outdoor living is one of the most popular recent concepts to gain attention and popularity, and we totally get it! Especially with spending so much more time at home now versus in the past, creating a comfortable and welcoming space outside to relax or entertain or work, can be highly beneficial. There’s nothing quite like a breath of fresh air, but when you add comfortable seating, garden lights, music, and a beverage center, it is just that much better! #goodvibesonly

Last, now more than ever, having a home office (or at least a dedicated work space) is more important than ever. The needs of the space will be unique to the homeowner’s job requirements, but most find it beneficial to have a space that’s able to: 1) be closed off from common areas, to decrease distractions; 2) allow enough room for work equipment, yet store supplies in an organized and accessible fashion, to decrease unnecessary stress; and 3) be decorated and set up to enhance and encourage the main goal of the work/space (spark creativity, invite deep focus, etc.). For example, brighter hues like orange and yellow tend to spark energy and creativity, and more muted hues like blues, greens, and neutrals tend to offer a calming effect. Working from home can be highly enjoyable with the right set up, and the tax write-off doesn’t hurt either! #goodvibesonly


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