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Gracious Living has a keen eye for detail and the ability to cultivate a unique look in each room.

It’s safe to say that to Janet Lieber, interior design is nothing short of an art form. As the owner of Yorba Linda's design firm Gracious Living At Home, Janet and her talented team specializes in breathing new life into your personal space, whether that entails a minor room refresh or a total transformation.

Serving clients in Southern California and beyond for over ten years, Gracious Living At Home manages and executes projects of all scopes and sizes.

Led by Janet and her passion for making a home a personal haven, the Gracious Living style gurus provide services ranging from Design and Furnishing packages to Full-Service Design, an option for clients seeking more comprehensive interior assistance. “For this service, we are hired on for the entirety of the project. We take care of all the design elements for the home, whether that means from the ground up or a complete remodel,” says Janet.

Treat yourself—and your home— to Gracious Living’s newest offering: “Concierge Styling,” a sumptuous service that takes redecorating to the next level of luxury. Armed with photos and corresponding measurements of the room(s) you want “refreshed,” GL design professionals swoop in to revamp the space top-to-bottom before your next social gathering—no messy construction or lengthy renovation necessary.

“We bring the store to you,” says Janet. “We style the selected pieces in your home, and then you get the opportunity to decide what you love and what you keep.”

In addition to offering one-of-a-kind design services tailored to their client’s specifications, Gracious Living also boasts a beautiful home décor and accessories store, centrally located on Main Street. Janet invites everyone to visit the Gracious Living shop, whether you already have a project in mind or are looking for some fresh inspiration.

Step inside and immerse yourself in exquisite surroundings—a treasure trove of colors, textures, patterns, and prints await to delight the design senses. Here, you can browse beautiful products, chat about design, and find a special something to take home with you.

What sets Gracious Living apart from other interior design services, in addition to years of experience, is a keen eye for detail and the ability to cultivate a unique look in each room or space they reimagine. The result is a customized, customer-centric reboot, complete with a guarantee of satisfaction.

Gracious Living’s propensity for weaving together new, distinctive pieces with their clients’ current space and design dreams is a talent not easily replicated.

“We pride ourselves in creating homes that are beautifully intentional. We have a personal team that works hard to make sure we are listening to our clients’ dreams, values, and lifestyle while creating their perfect space,” says Janet.

Gracious Living helps clients’ design ideas come to fruition by ensuring clear communication and setting realistic, detailed expectations from the start. “We put together a workable plan,” says Janet. “In my experience over the years, too often homeowners are trying to tackle home projects without a real plan, vision, or goal for the entire home.”

Gracious Living at Home is also committed to their community as a whole, one they’ve happily served for more than a decade. The business’s name—derived from Yorba Linda’s old slogan, “Land of Gracious Living,” keeps the company rooted and reminds the team of its mission each day.

“Our goal is to bring that same ‘gracious living’ into our clients’ homes,” says Janet. As a longtime resident of Yorba Linda, Janet is partial to the place where she, along with her husband, raised a family—now-grown children who still reside in the city that they love.

“My husband was born and raised here,” she says. “We value the amazing community we have been a part of for years and are now able to serve.”

A successful mother, wife, and entrepreneur, Janet cites her own mother as her greatest source of inspiration. “She instilled in me a heart for entrepreneurship and relationships,” she says. “It is so important to me to foster that in our team, as well—the belief that our customer service and relationships with our clients outweigh even the most amazing designs we put together.”

Family is clearly important to Janet, and her professional endeavors echo that dedication as she continues sharing her gifts and talents with her city’s close-knit, family-centered community—particularly in these unprecedented times.

“In our ever-changing world, with the pandemic and all that families are dealing with, it is our goal to continue to create spaces and homes that serve their changing needs. We are honored to provide perfect, warm havens for families and their friends.”

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