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Granita Grille

Treating Customers Like Family for 25 Years

Step into the warm and friendly atmosphere of Granita Grille in Westwood. This family-owned business will soon be celebrating 25 years of serving up delicious Italian meals passed down through the generations. Ralph and Julia Colantuono make it a point to treat their customers like family.

“When you are in the restaurant business, you dedicate your nights, weekends, and holidays to it,” says Ralph. “Our customers have become our extended family because we see them so often, and we have known them for so long,” adds Julia.

Ralph takes charge of the kitchen, while Julia manages a variety of duties, including waitressing and hostessing. “Whatever needs to be done,” she notes with a smile.

They also accommodate customers with dietary restrictions and preferences. “We do a lot of special orders so that people with allergies or nutritional preferences can come and dine,” says Ralph.

The award-winning restaurant offers daily specials and popular family-style take-out dinners that feed four. They can be customized to feed larger families, but the portions are generous, and you may even have leftovers.

There are other not-to-be-missed delights at Granita Grille. They host live music on Fridays and Saturdays by Edman. Known as the “one-man-band” of Westwood, he has been delighting diners at Granita Grille for over 23 years. Also, make sure you sample Ralph’s homemade dipping sauce for your bread (or anything else you’d like to dip). His special recipe is sought-after by customers (but not revealed) and the perfect complement to his homemade focaccia bread. It’s available “to go” as well.

Ralph and Julia were recently recognized by Congressman Josh Gottheimer as “Hometown Heroes” for contributing meals to frontline heroes during the pandemic. “The restaurant business is demanding but rewarding,“ says Ralph. “I love to be with people and lend a helping hand, and also I enjoy watching them celebrate and seeing their smiles.”

  • Owners Ralph and Julia Colantuono