Grateful Gratitude

"All You Need is God, Grace & Gratitude" — Laurie "Lolo" Roberts

Article by Angi Burns

Photography by Provided by Grateful Gratitude

Originally published in Allen City Lifestyle

"On March 12th, 2018, at 1:38 p.m., God interrupted my day," proclaimed Laurie "Lolo" Roberts when we met to discuss her nonprofit organization, Grateful Gratitude. "I felt Him telling me to write a blog about the blessings He was sharing with all of us and to help people be more appreciative. I knew that positivity and gratitude made a huge difference in our lives and the outcome of situations." She went on to explain how her blog developed into a non-profit with various initiatives focused on helping people in the community show gratitude and feel appreciated. These initiatives include Project "I See You" and Gratitude Hearts, among others.

Project "I See You" lets our community know that we see them and are with them.  ​​When you see someone in our community that needs support, such as an individual experiencing homelessness, a struggling mom, a lonely senior, or a child playing alone at recess— someone sad or grappling with grief — you can share an "I See You" bracelet with them and tell them that you care.

Lolo considers every detail when she embarks on a new project. The "I See You" bracelet is available in three symbolic colors: teal for mental health awareness, white for community support and hope, and purple for cancer, illness, homelessness, and domestic violence. Proceeds from the bracelets go to support EXPOW and HOPE Restored Missions.

The Gratitude Hearts are soapstone hearts carved in Kenya by local artisans. Each heart begins as a piece of natural soapstone that is hit with a machete to split it into smaller pieces. Each smaller piece is hand carved into a unique piece of heart-shaped art. Each heart is then smoothed and either left in its natural state or dyed before a special design is carved into it. No two are alike. When asked the purpose of the stones, Lolo explained, "We use the gratitude heart as a reminder to anchor to God's love. You hold the heart in your hand, place it over your heart, and give thanks for one thing that happened that day. We recommend using the gratitude heart at bedtime so you can go to sleep with a grateful heart."

Lolo is often seen around town serving our community. She is always one of the first to volunteer if someone is in need of support. She graciously gives her time and sweat equity to make our community a better place to live and work. We could not publish a thankfulness issue without including this valuable organization and its selfless founder. We are blessed to have her in our midst. 

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