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Take Some Time to Be Grateful

With Thanksgiving Right Around the Corner, Marty Jalove Explored the Topic of Gratitude with Other Local Business Owners

Article by Marty Jalove

Photography by Stephen Neilson and Provided

Originally published in SW Lake Lifestyle

We’ve all played the game or asked the question: “Would you rather travel to the past or to the future?” That game always gets extra interesting as soon as it’s followed by, “Why?”

I’d like to travel into the past to thank the people who molded me into the man I am today. But I’d also love to visit the future to view the man that I hope to become. In the end, I’m really happy to be right here, right now.

Growing up, I was lucky to have a large, nurturing family. We were taught that the way to master happiness was through helping other people. As much as I would love to talk to the many members of my family who have passed away, there is one man that I really miss. Al Hoffman was a mentor of mine, and I never took the opportunity to thank him. He was a kind-hearted man, knew business, and went out of his way to share his knowledge with me. I am grateful to have had him in my life.

As I continue to build my business, I hope that one day I can look back and see several successful companies that I’ve helped sizzle. I hope that I can inspire people as much as Al encouraged me. And I hope I can connect more people with their “Inner Bacon” and thank them for the opportunity to help.

I asked Jamie Trewartha, co-owner of Closets by Design, what he was most grateful for. His answer was enthusiastic and direct: “Family! Without the support of our wives and kids we could not do what we are doing now."

Jamie says that he and his business partner, Paul Paluch, invest a lot of time into the company to ensure that customers are taken care of and that their team "has everything they need {from us} to be successful."

"We really have an awesome team, and they are so focused on giving a great customer experience – from the time a customer calls for a free consultation to the day of install, we have a team that truly cares a lot about every step and every customer,” Jamie says. “We are looking forward to serving new customers to Closets By Design doors and continuing to grow with our customers.” 

Making a customer happy is important, and Jamie says the ultimate compliment is getting their referrals or repeat business. “When we install a new closet for a customer, word of mouth moves very quickly,” Jamie says. “We find ourselves working on many of their neighbors very soon after. This confirms for us that we are providing a high-quality experience and solution, and that is what we are most grateful for.”

I swung by X-Golf in Kildeer for a conversation with my friend David Yi who spoke lovingly about his parents and how proud he is of them. After immigrating to the United Sates, they demonstrated the importance of hard work and focus. It’s the lessons of his parents and the support of his family that drives David towards realizing his dreams as the owner of a local business. He believes that the real joy of bringing X-Golf to the area comes from a warm, welcoming community. Creating this recreational facility that’s all about golfing has also brought him closer to new and old friends.

David told me that if he could jump forward five to 10 years, he would love to look back and see scores of happy golfers and know that he helped put smiles on their faces. He has so many ideas, but hazards to say where he believes his business will be in the future. Instead, he is more excited to see how his customers, friends, and family want him to grow.

Diamond Dental was my last appointment. Dr. Alma Lombardo loves the beauty of the community and is so grateful for how the kindness of her neighbors, patients, friends and family. Continued education is paramount to the entire Diamond Dental team. They stay on top of the newest technology and treatments so that their patients get the absolute best care possible.

Always eager to continue learning, Dr. Lombardo is excited about the future of dentistry and can’t wait to bring the newest advancements to her patients. She would love to look back one day and see that her practice has become the bridge between happy patients, healthy mouths, and glistening smiles.

November is the perfect time to take a moment to look at the many reasons you are grateful for your past and create new reasons to be grateful in your future.

About the Author: Marty Jalove, is an International Personal and Professional Life & Business Coach. A euphoric optimist, he persistently pursues his passion of helping others harness happiness. Learn more at

  • Dr. Alma Lombardo, Diamond Dental
  • Al Hoffman (at right, with brother Jerry and father Harold) carried on his father's business, and always treated me like a son.
  • Me, pondering what I'm grateful for over time.
  • Paul Paluch (L) and Jamie Trewartha of Closets By Design
  • David Yi of X-Golf Deer Park