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A Certified Emotional Therapist on How to View this Different Holiday Season

This year, we may not be able to plan and experience the holidays as we’re used to. Below are some positive ways to get through the rest of this very different year from Karen Towery, a certified emotional healthcare practitioner (EPT) and the owner of Inner Peace Connections based in Centerville. 

1. We must accept that this holiday season might not (and doesn’t need to be) perfect. If this year has taught us anything, it’s to keep past expectations from affecting our present. 

2. During these chaotic times, we can allow ourselves to see the joy and happiness in our everyday life. Notice the smallest gifts, such as a young man helping an elderly man cross the street. Joy is all around us, we just need to be able to notice.

3. Although we may not be able to honor some of our past traditions, now is the perfect time to develop new ones. Getting creative can be part of the fun!

4. Lastly, maintaining an attitude of gratitude will not only help us get through a very different holiday season, but also keep us grounded as we enter a new year. 

To begin your journey of healing, forgiveness, and gratitude or to learn more about Karen Towery and Inner Peace Connections visit or call 937-414-6610.