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Title: Dementia Together 

Subtitle: Changing the Narrative of Dementia

Article by : Cyndy Luzinski and Team 

Photography by : David Grossman of Colorado Photography 

November is the season of thankfulness.  As the women of Dementia Together reflect on why they are thankful for the work they do, the words, “hope” and “joy” were consistently voiced.  Dementia Together is a nonprofit organization in northern Colorado which is indeed focused on cultivating joy while building stronger connections for people living with dementia, care partners, families, and the community. 

Cyndy Luzinski, executive director of Dementia Together, shares, “I may not have been grateful at the time when my own dad experienced dementia, but I am surely grateful that our journey led me to discover the SPECAL®, the method that we teach for promoting lifelong well-being for anyone with dementia.  Being able to leverage my dad’s experience and make it count for the greater good by sharing SPECAL® with others is a privilege.  I’m thankful for every interaction where we get to see “ah-ha” moments of relief and hope when people learn about the simple dementia care method we share.” 

Cyndy’s team includes several other people whose lives have been personally touched by dementia as well.  Together, the team’s mission is: No one has to walk the dementia journey alone.  When the staff was asked what they are thankful for, their responses were true to the mission:



”I get to do a fun job that creates joy for others so it doesn’t even feel like work—most of the time (added with a grin.)”


”I’m thankful to serve in a position that provides tangible hope, joy, and service to others.”


”I’m thankful for our vision to make living well with dementia the expectation, not the exception.”


”I’m thankful I get to be a part of a team that makes a positive impact in our community every day.”


”I just love hearing stories from our people.  I especially enjoy how couples at memory cafes will reminisce and find out new information about one another that they may have never known before. I’m amazed when old friends from high school end up at the same memory café together decades later…and they still recognize one another!  I’m so thankful for the gift of helping people discover that they can have hope and joy while living with or loving someone with dementia.”


”I’m thankful for the education we get to offer through Dementia Together.  It’s impacted the way I interact with our participants, and it has been life-changing for me personally with my family.” 

 Through the education and social engagement opportunities offered by Dementia Together (at no charge to families so that cost is never a barrier to finding support), this local organization is helping to eliminate the stigma of dementia and change the narrative of dementia from tragedy and crisis to one of contentment and hope.

Title: Offering Services to Be Grateful For

Subtitle: The Family of State Farm 

Article by : Desiree Gustafson

Photography by : David Grossman of Colorado Photography 

Insurance is not always everyone’s favorite topic of discussion, but State Farm agency owner Kaan Inceoglu and his staff are the type of humans we all hope for when the going gets tough. Their dedication and drive towards serving customers offers both comfort and peace of mind. This all stems from the way their owner approaches his business and his life.
Growing up, Kaan learned one key piece of advice from his mother that he carries into both his personal and professional life: “Be present, live in the moment, and don’t sweat the small stuff.” He applies this philosophy by approaching each day with focus on being present with his employees. Kaan leads his agency with commonsense while taking that extra care to ensure the needs of his team members are continuously met. Approaching his business in this manner has allowed him to align his professional goals with those of his employee’s personal triumphs and milestones in life. “One thing I enjoy wholeheartedly is being in tune with my team and supporting them through their own personal journeys” shares Kaan.
Planting roots in Windsor has provided him with a community he loves to serve, and his agency offers a place where protection discussions can be had with an individual that genuinely cares about the outcome of everyone involved. Coming from a strong background in catastrophe and claims leadership, he takes his role as a small business owner seriously by honoring what has always been true for him in his life. Kaan has discovered that he finds fulfillment in being able to meet with customers face to face and helping them navigate difficult choices that better prepare them for what the future holds.
He prioritizes insurance education for all his customers, as well as promotes financial literacy for our youth by chairing organizations with a strong focus on similar initiatives. Creating opportunities for others to pursue their dreams has become something he is passionate about. This enthusiasm for his work spillover into his team members, creating the professional growth that customers appreciate in an insurance and financial services organization. He is grateful for his team and the staff members that he considers part of the family. Kaan and the team reflect fondly on a great year, counting their many blessings and toasting to the future.

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