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Southern Design & Remodeling

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Kitchen and Bathroom Fine Design

Great kitchen and bathroom design merges functionality, style and personality

Southern Design & Remodeling

Southern Design & Remodeling recently remodeled a modern traditional kitchen with custom inset cabinetry and custom paint. The island was built using rustic alder wood with a custom stain to add warmth and contrast to the kitchen. They added decorative panels to the refrigerator to give it that built-in look and appliance garages on either side of the sink to help keep the countertops from getting too cluttered. The team reconfigured the breakfast nook by removing the wall of windows and replacing them with a single window above the new sink area to give the homeowner the larger, more functional kitchen they desired. In addition, they removed the outdated soffit above the old island and took the new cabinetry all the way to the ceiling, making the kitchen feel much more open. The design team included Southern Design & Remodeling owner Ross Murphey, Princess Thompson, showroom manager and senior designer, and kitchen designer Carolina Lee. Award-winning Southern Design & Remodeling specializes in stress-free luxury remodeling services. Based in North Atlanta, Southern Design & Remodeling turns dated kitchens and bathrooms into dynamic and vibrant spaces. The company can take any vision for a new home and build a comfortable, beautiful, and functional living space that will perfectly fit any home’s personality and lifestyle.

CR Construction Resources

Construction Resources provides builders, designers, remodelers, general contractors, property managers, and homeowners with all major specialty building and design products, along with best-in-class installation and aftermarket services. The team worked on an amazing single family master bathroom project recently with bathroom designer, Jane Hollman from The Studio Entourage. The master shower and vanities included Antolini Tech Calacatta Extra. CR Construction Resources family of businesses was born in 1970 when Fred E. Hires Sr. and his partners opened Atlanta Marble Manufacturing in Decatur. For the next 26 years, with cultured marble as its only product offering, Atlanta Marble experienced modest growth. Fred’s sons, Mitch and Sonny Hires, grew up working in the business and in 1996, were able to purchase their father’s partners’ interest in the company and expanded into kitchen countertops, opening Atlanta Kitchen. The company’s success led to other complementary design and construction products and expansion into other states in the Southeast. In 2015, Construction Resources and Builder Specialties, Inc., merged. The combined company offered customers a one-stop resource with an unmatched line of products and industry expertise.

Zevart Interiors

Zevart Interiors' passion is working with growing families and helping them make their kitchens a place where beauty and functionality meet, allowing them to live their lifestyle at home, where unique memories can be created. Atlanta’s urban charm and career opportunities are among the various factors that have motivated many Americans to move from out of state and settle in Atlanta for the long run. The Swanson family, a client of Zevart Interiors, moved to Atlanta recently to grow their careers and their family. In 2018 the Swansons purchased a lovely 1980s property in North Buckhead with the intention of remodeling it and making it a dream home for their family of four. Far from functional, the original kitchen layout was awkward and dated. As a solution, the Zevart team decided to extend the kitchen into what used to be the formal dining room, by removing the wall dividing both rooms and relocating the plumbing and electrical lines. That automatically doubled the size of the kitchen and allowed for greater functionality and customization. Many of the Swanson’s requests, such as a large kitchen island, increased storage, and an open space layout were made possible. Finally, the team brought beauty and harmony to the family’s new kitchen by installing custom-made kitchen cabinets, new hardwood floors, and a honey-combed backsplash. Aside from the beauty factors, a variety of storage solutions were installed throughout the cabinets which allowed for easy organization and maximized the kitchen’s functionality. Zevart Interiors truly believes that the kitchen is the heart of every home and provides the solutions homeowners need to live and love their lifestyle at home.

H.A. Mora

Herminio Mora, founder of H.A. Mora Inc., has more than 20 years of experience in the construction service industry. Recently, his team renovated a beautiful home for an Atlanta family of four – starting with the ceilings. The house had very high ceilings that made it look empty, even with furniture and décor. The Mora team renovated the ceilings and changed the hard wood floors to a more modern style with light colors - portraying luxury and minimalism. The spacious living room is flooded with natural light thanks to many windows. The tub placement next to the windows gives a sense of relaxation and harmony and at the same time offers a private view to the rest of the property. H.A.Mora Inc. is a full-service exterior and interior painting, roofing, and renovation company serving Georgia’s painting and renovations needs. Dedicated to focusing on details, clients have included property management, homeowner’s associations and private homeowners. Mora team of professionals takes pride in how they conduct themselves from beginning preparations, to daily cleaning, to finished details. Whether a homeowner needs interior or exterior painting, replacing or repairing a roof, or completely remodeling a home, H.A. Mora Inc. works with every homeowner and their budget. 

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  • Southern Design & Remodeling
  • Southern Design & Remodeling