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Great Reads in PA

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NO BAD DATES  (written by Kari Tumminia)

 "READ this book! Kari weaves through personal life stories where you don't know whether to laugh or cry - and gives clear, proven instructions on how to truly be happy in finding and loving the person you are or wanting to spend your life with - and how to love and respect yourself in the process (because that's often the hardest part)" - K Davidson

“Kari was a beam of light after I’d been in years of darkness. During a time when I felt like I had nowhere to turn, with no easy answers, and no tangibly helpful mainstream resources, she helped me sift through my overwhelming feelings and convoluted limiting beliefs, leading me down a path to feeling whole. Kari has that rare combination of wisdom, intellectual fortitude, and mind-blowingly clear intuition. She is both validating and encouraging of growth and change. She opened my world and helped me start my life again.  Felicia R

LIFE IS AN AUDIBLE (written by Jimmy Murray)

Jimmy Murray, Leonard Tose and their team – including legendary coach, Dick Vermeil – led the Philadelphia Eagles to the Superbowl.  But their lasting legacy will be the partnership which built the first Ronald McDonald House and sparked an idea that keeps growing and brings honor to the NFL, the Ronald McDonald Houses, and all who give their hearts, money and time to help children and their families in times of dire need.

In “Life is an Audible” we are entertained and taken inside the world of professional sports by a man who is a natural born storyteller.  “So, Jimmy, the Pope spots you in a crowd of one million holding up your son, and came over and blessed your son John Paul … then, years later, remembered it when you visited him at his private residence at Castel Gandolfo … you’re sure about this?” A few days later, Jimmy sends you pictures.

Jimmy Murray’s a non-stop storyteller with a heart of gold and the integrity to match.  Laugh and cheer for a good man who has made the world a better place!


STRAIGHT MAN (written by Richard Russo)

William Henry Devereaux, Jr., spiritually suited to playing left field but forced by a bad hamstring to try first base, is the unlikely chairman of the English department at West Central Pennsylvania University. Over the course of a single convoluted week, he threatens to execute a duck, has his nose slashed by a feminist poet, discovers that his secretary writes better fiction than he does, suspects his wife of having an affair with his dean, and finally confronts his philandering elderly father, the one-time king of American Literary Theory, at an abandoned amusement park.

Unforgettable, compassionate, and laugh-out-loud funny, Straight Man cements Richard Russo's reputation as one of the master storytellers of our time.

EACH VAGABOND BY NAME (written by Margo Orlando Littell)

For residents of Shelk, a sleepy Pennsylvania town lying along a vein of the Appalachian Mountains, life has always been a series of unchallenged routines and circulating gossip. But when a group of teenage runaways settles in the hills and begins to invade their homes and lives, lines become drawn between those residents seeking to insulate themselves from the outside world and those reaching for more.
Caught in the middle of this clash is Zaccariah Ramsy, a bar owner whose quiet life is threatened by his newfound loyalty to JT, a streetwise runaway who begins to visit his bar, and the re-emergence of the tragic story of his former love, Stella Vale, whose daughter was abducted as an infant fifteen years prior. As tensions between the townspeople and the newcomers rise, Ramsy must decide which side he will choose.

A piercing tale of isolation, redemption, and belonging, Each Vagabond By Name is a powerful exploration of the intricacies of small town life.

  • Jim Murray "Life is an Audible" by Jim Murray and Steve McWilliams
  • Author of No Bad Dates
  • No Bad Dates
  • Wonderful Realtionships Are Possible