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Greeley Grub Fosters Community Pride

A Story with Some Bite

Article by Staci Villa

Photography by Adalyn Sinclair Photography, Daisy Larson

Originally published in Greeley Lifestyle

Food is not only a necessity, but a method of communication, and also a collective human experience. It's also a staple, love language, medicine, and comfort. With its many portrayals, food has a unique power in relating people to one another in commonality unlike anything else. City of Greeley's brand and image manager, Jacqueline Villegas, understands just how much food and community development are tightly woven together. "It's important to support our local restaurants and businesses as they are part of our thriving community fabric," Villegas states. Greeley Grub, a program recently launched under the My Greeley Campaign, celebrates food products and businesses to amplify civic pride and contributes to Greeley's unique culinary culture. 

Greeley Grub is a distinct label that local food and beverage businesses can use to promote their products that are exclusive to Greeley. This label is designed to help patrons quickly identify local items that are connected to the city, highlighting Greeley originals. "A part of Greeley's rich history is agriculture and what better way to celebrate our roots than with local food and drinks," explained Villegas. "We want our residents and visitors to experience dining in Greeley with the unique dishes that can only be found here and share with others their experience through". The inaugural menu features nearly 20 businesses who submitted applications for Greeley Grub and highlights a variety of items such as legendary cocktails, dry mixes, Italian sausage, and homemade jams; Although the products are different, they all share common-specialty items rooted and raised with pride in Greeley. 

Matt Estrin, owner of 477 Distillery a participating business in Greeley Grub can attest, "More than any other community I have been a part of, Greeley is proud of Greeley," said Estrin. "The community truly supports the local entrepreneurs and businesses in a way I could have never expected and rewards creativity and loyalty in a real meaningful way. Through Greeley Grub, 477 Distillery will promote its best-selling signature cocktail, Living Legend, made and named in honor of Estrin's late grandfather. 

It was Suzanne Sereff's grandmother who inspired a unique product at her shop, Warm Hugs. Jim and Suzanne Sereff started their small business in a booth at a Greeley church craft fair, selling Suzanne's grandmother's dessert recipes in pre-made Warm Hug Mixes. Twenty-eight years later, with a full brick-and-mortar gift shop, Warm Hugs'  number one selling item takes them back to their roots- Warm Hug Mixes, and a heartfelt item on the Greeley Grub menu. "Every Warm Hugs Mix is mixed by hand in downtown Greeley," Sereff states. "No additives or preservatives, just simple scratch cooking like you would make at home." 

Local and homegrown is Greeley Grub's mantra. One of Greeley's most beloved Italian kitchens, Pellegrini Cucina Italiana, approaches this method with class. Pellegrini's will feature the restaurant's Italian sausage upholding their desire to keep their products authentic and homemade, using fresh, quality ingredients. Owner Jessica Morse is proud to be a Greeley restaurant owner and states there is a spirit of camaraderie and a collective desire to see local businesses succeed within the Greeley business community. 

Greeley Grub hopes to further embody and grow this collective experience. 

Indeed, food is supreme in its ability to gather people together. Around the table, around a local business, and around a community. If My Greeley is a story best lived in, then Greeley Grub is a cause you can really sink your teeth into. A great cause and great grub are meant to be shared. 

(visit for the full listing of all restaurants and food items participating) 

  • Syntax Spirits Distillery and Cocktail Bar, The Basilisk
  • Seven Fish Hot Cheeto Sushi Bomb
  • Kenny's Steakhouse, Kenny Burger
  • The Cow, The Mary T Sandwich
  • Jams from locally grown fruits
  • Locally brewed beers
  • Made from scratch pastas
  • Micro greens grown organically
  • Soup mixes
  • Specialty sandwiches
  • Hot wings
  • Grilled Chicken Tiryaki