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Green Fuse Landscaping

The Green Fuse, Denver Landscape Design, is an all-in-one landscaping company that
renders essential services to a diverse array of properties that are located within the city and in
surrounding regions. Established in 2000, The Green Fuse focuses on delivering a variety of
services that include Professional Landscape Design, Landscape Installation, and Landscape
Maintenance that is specific to the area. The company utilizes and applies its experience in the
industry to evaluate the property, determine and draft a plan of action based on the dynamics of the property and the desires of the owner, and then deliver results that lead to customer satisfaction.

The Green Fuse acknowledges that no two designs are created alike and that no landscapes are
maintained the same, so they take a personalized approach toward finding and implementing
lasting solutions. Denver Landscape Design always operates based on the best and most up-to-
date landscape industry practices while striving to deliver optimal care that is unique to the needs
of their clients.

The Green Fuse takes pride in its customer satisfaction approach, in that every project
begins with design as the first step in the installation process and is always done in collaboration
with the client. Jill Livingston, Landscape Design Expert, utilizes her knowledge and expertise
in the fields of architecture and horticulture to design a space that will fulfill and meet the
desires and needs of the client. The designing process, in addition to preferred styles, will also
include consideration of the building structure and/or house architecture to ensure the maximum
use of the landscape. After that, the installation process, with in-depth consultation and planning
with the client, may include the removal of portions of lawn, or turf grass, for replacement with low-water alternatives, such as perennial beds, clover or thyme lawns, water features, or patios. As such, it is very clear and evident that the team at The Green Fuse puts much care and effort into Green Fuse Landscape 2 the processes of design and installation to ensure adherence to environmental guidelines and standards while meeting the needs of the client.

After completion of design and installation, Denver Landscape Design continues to build on and grow in its relationship with the customer by offering essential maintenance services. One of the core factors driving success at The Green Fuse is concentration in ongoing education and training, so maintenance services are of the highest quality, are plant health- focused, and are executed by expert plant technicians. As an example, garden fertilizer is one of the most significant maintenance requirements. However, at The Green Fuse, it is offered as a single service for tri-annual organic garden fertilizer treatments. Further, an effective strategy the company uses is the creation of xeriscapes through a selection of native, drought-tolerant plants
that do not require excessive watering for survival and help to cut maintenance costs. Ultimately,
from their design and installation to care and maintenance, The Green Fuse, Denver Landscape
Design, proves to be a full-spectrum, full-service landscaping firm capable of producing the most
beautiful and refreshing outdoor spaces that are environmentally friendly, adhering to all industry
standards, and lead to optimal customer satisfaction.

  • Tracy Carroll - Operations Manager
  • Jill Livingston - Owner